Purchasing power stability is a central component of any mainstream currency. Without it, currency cannot be relied on as a store of value, as the value of one’s savings could plummet overnight. Price volatility is also unacceptable for mediums-of-exchange for a similar reason, as it introduces a risk of appreciation on the part of the purchaser and a risk of depreciation on the part of the merchant. Finally, volatile price currencies cannot be used as a unit of account, as the purchasing power implied by contractual obligations and balance sheets would become unpredictable. [1]

Traditional cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, excel at being a borderless digital asset that can last over time and is virtually impossible to be confiscated by tyrannical governments. While modern liberal democracies set on paper the fundamental freedoms for society, none of this can be ultimately achieved without the existence of an easy-to-hold asset that is not controlled or overseen by any government. In this sense, Bitcoin has given the power to citizens to hold assets utilizing a purely private method. …


BRZ Token

Brazilian stablecoin. Made stable by the Market. Globally accepted. https://www.brztoken.io/

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