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I hope that my previous articles have benefited you and you have all come close to your wealth without exception! Material wealth is certainly fine, but when a person is well-off, he starts to worry about his finances, movable and not movable property and etc. And as a rule comes to the idea that you need to insure all this and not somewhere in the first office, but in a solid company with extensive experience and good reputation. And if you look closely at the insurance market, then in this business there is no equal in the expanses of Europe precisely the British. Who understand in this industry everything from A to Z. If someone my words seem empty, then it’s time to look at the numbers. After all, as we all know the numbers do not lie. So in Britain in the field of insurance employs more than 305 thousand people !!!!! And London is not only the capital of England but also the capital of the world insurance market !! At the moment, worldwide insurance passes through the usual way manually and in several stages with the involvement of intermediaries. That in turn increases not only the time costs but also increase the cost of services. All these shortcomings or let’s say inconvenience led a number of major insurance campaigns to the interest of blockchain technologies. Which has established itself in other industries as a panacea for all pressing problems, has added simplicity and reliability, and most importantly transparency in the management of cases.

Once for such an important aspect as insurance, a wonderful project of Insurex was developed. The Insurex team offers the outdated insurance market new opportunities and prospects based on the Isurex blockchain platform. The Insurex platform using blockchain technology will help optimize the process between the buyer and seller of insurance products and will also provide the opportunity to manage subsequent processes with programs, bonuses and claims. As for the business model, the Insurex platform will withdraw commission for transactions that will be made on the market, and Also an annual subscription for membership. As the Insurex community grows and grows, in parallel, the volume of transactions will grow and new insurance products will be available. The Insurex platform is designed specifically for insurers, brokers and reinsurers. The introduction of these three institutions will lead to a transparent and efficient insurance market! Insurex include the ability to transfer insurance products to both a public audience and a selected group of buyers. The list of insurance products includes key characteristics and potentially guides specific regions and markets. This and much more will be able to simplify the insurance market beyond recognition in the near future. Immediately after the company Insurex completes its ICO and embodies its brilliant project in life. By the way ICO starts on July 11 and will last until July 31, 2017.

Hurry to join the team of the future in the insurance world, become part of something big! Well, or just help this wonderful project by participating in a bounty campaign that has already begun.

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