About TOR and BTCPay Server

Why we can’t claim privacy for BTCPay Server even if TOR is supported

We received lot’s of demand to make BTCPay Server work with TOR.
It turns out that I was opposed to it for a simple reason:

Still, we want to add TOR support

Despite of this, I decided to work on TOR support (still work in progress) and the main reason is ease of use.

  • Opening the firewall to accept incoming traffic through several ports (lightning, HTTP, HTTPS)
  • Configuring the NAT to route to your machine
  • Setup a DNS name so we can get you HTTPS certificate
  • Have a fixed IP for lightning
  • Office policies might not allow you to configure the NAT
  • Your ISP might give you a dynamic IP (temporarily solvable via dynDNS, until they reach Let’s encrypt quotas)
  • Many thing can go wrong
  • You might not have the technical skills to do it


Expect advances on TOR solution with BTCPay Server for improving setup experience when you physically host it.
However, do not expect it to have perfect privacy, clear HTTPS/HTTP/DNS requests leaks to your ISP, as we can’t guarantee you anything more.



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