BTCPay Server 2018 year rewind

If we’d had to describe the past year in a single word that would be — wild. What a wild year my friends!

BTCPay Server
Dec 23, 2018 · 9 min read

At the time of the year when the Slack channels are awfully silent, Twitter drama on hodl, and GitHub notifications don’t exist, on the behalf of the entire BTCPay community, I would like to thank you for the support and wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In this short article, I’d like to look back at the important achievements and events that marked the year behind us.

If you are interested in contributing to any open-source projects in 2019, and would like to expand on any of these additions or new ones, join us.

Throughout this article you will see even a tiny contribution counts and improves the software.

Notable events

Now, let’s take a look at the notable events that happened in 2018. Some were good, some were bad, but if you’ve been in the community for a while, I’m sure you’ll remember some of them.

Of course, it was impossible to put all of the events into the infographic. If you’re curious below is an expanded timeline.


  • Litecoin added (Jan 08)
  • A single invoice can be paid in multiple coins (Jan 10)
  • How to integrate an altcoin into BTCPay video released (Jan 14)
  • The first stable version of BTCPay Server released! (Jan 17)
  • released (fixed invoices not marked as confirmed) (Jan 18)
  • stores can customize the exchange rates source (Jan 18)


  • 0.1.24 Ledger xpub support added (Feb 12)
  • Community vote on BCH implementation (Feb 13)
  • Lightning Network support added for BTC and LTC (Feb 25)


  • The Merchants Guide to BTCPay posted on Reddit (Mar 2)
  • Reckless stores slowly begin to use the Lightning Network (Mar 10)
  • A Bug with Nano S fixed by Ledger (Mar 17)
  • ShapeShift support added (Mar 18)
  • Docker compose added (Mar 19)
  • Azure deployment updated to include c-lightning (Mar 21)
  • Better store management, language support for the checkout page (Mar 23)
  • Easier xpubkey UX setup and support for Japanese (Mar 24)
  • customize the amount for LN to be proposed at the checkout and support for Czech (Mar 25)
  • Optimization allowed 50% cost-reduction for in0stances hosted on Azure (Mar 25)
  • (checkout page can easily be customized. LitePal ceases operation, some users migrate to BTCPay (Mar 26)
  • fixed the bug in payment received logs (Mar 28)
  • added Icelandic and LN node info, first third-party host (Mar 29)


  • First App: Point of Sale (Apr 3)
  • adds Lightning Network invoice template description (Apr 7)
  • fixed slow invoice creation (Apr 9)
  • LTCPay another third party host launched by Litecoin Foundation (Apr 11)
  • Version introduced API key configuration for Bitcoin Average (Apr 14)
  • Version customizable css styles, customize the look of your BTCPay (Apr 19)
  • Coinbase ditched WikiLeaks Shop raising the question of trusted third-parties with more people being aware of BTCPay as an alternative. (Apr 20)
  • Clearing out the misconception that BTCPay can only be hosted on Azure. (Apr 25)
  • Version introduced UX fixes on the checkout page and update c-lightning docker, allowing better connectivity. (Apr 26)
  • The Ultimate Guide to BTCPay (v2) posted on Reddit (Apr 26)
  • Version introduced custom amount field for the PoS, BTCPay page on Bitcoin wiki (Apr 26)
  • Documentation on how to deploy on Linux added (Apr 27)
  • Version fixed the broken checkout page formatting and added Croatian. (Apr 29)


  • An advanced way to calculate rates added. (May 1)
  • Version released: various bug fixes and database optimizations (May 4)
  • Version Better invoice filtering and status (May 5)
  • Version BTCPay internal wallet added compatible with Ledger Nano S, Doge added (May 6)
  • Nicolas Dorier interview with, BTCPay explained on WCN (May 7)
  • Nicolas Dorier on Bottomshelf Bitcoin podcast (May 8)
  • TorGuard starts using BTCPay (May 9)
  • BTCPay PrestaShop plugin added and (May 11)
  • Users started ruining BTCPay on cheap VPS (May 14)
  • Version various bug fixes and improvements (May 15)
  • Version Compatibility with BitPay’s new API, Monacoin coin added by Monacoin community (May 15)
  • RockstarDev interview on Bottomshelf Bitcoin podcast (May 15)
  • Improvements to Azure Deployment (May 19)
  • RockstarDev gets his Twitter account back after being banned for no reason (May 23)
  • introduced payment button, CheapAir ditched Coinbase for BTCPay (May 24)
  • minor bug fixes (boring update™) (May 31)


  • BTCPay 16.04 installation guide (Jun 1)
  • third-party host launched (Jun 4)
  • Version (Jun 5)
  • BTCPay Drupal plugin released (Jun 23)
  • Version 1.02.39 (Jun 30)


  • Breaking Bitcoin Lisbon Nicolas talk (Jul 3)
  • LND Lightning Network implementation added (Jul 8)
  • LND added to Docker and Azure (Jul 11)
  • CheapAir released a letter about their new payment processor (BTCPay) (Jul 13)
  • Checkout invoice improvement (Jul 18)
  • BTCPay merchant list repository created (Jul 19)
  • VIA coin added by VIA community. (Jul 20)
  • BTG added by their community (Jul 21)
  • QR code to easier connect to LND remotely (Jul 22)
  • domain and update BTCPay through UI (Jul 24)
  • Zap wallet released with out of the box way to connect BTCPay (Jul 24)
  • A community initiative to find more hosts that accept Bitcoin and updated docs (Jul 25)
  • big updates to internal BTCPay wallet interface (Jul 26)
  • Twitter restricts BTCPay Twitter for the four times for no apparent reasons (Jul 27–29)
  • Version 1.02.82 added ability to set payment methods at store level, DASH coin added by DASH community (Jul 30)


  • introduced UX improvements for updating store and rates. (Aug 1)
  • Getting Started with BTCPay and Zap video released (Aug 2)
  • improves the payment button security, and checkout page improvements (Aug 5)
  • Bug on BitcoinAverage causes outage for merchants (Aug 6)
  • Japanese bank, BitBank INC, integrated PoS app with LN , Nakamoto institute starts accepting donations via BTCPay (Aug 8)
  • Version adds SSH access to your VM from BTCPay for easy updates
  • Nicolas and Rockstar on CryptoCast Network with Vortex (Aug 12)
  • LightningHackaton Berlin uses BTCPay as a PoS to sell event tickets (Aug 13)
  • BTCPay hosting on Times4VPS (no longer valid) (Aug 18)
  • starts selling BTCPay on a hardware (Aug 19)
  • custom payment buttons in store settings, faster invoice creation (Aug 22)
  • LunaNode manual installation guide released (Aug 27)
  • BTCPay mentioned on Alex Jones show as censorship resistant payment processor (Aug 28)
  • BTCPay adds C# library that allows developers (Unity included) to build on the Lightning Network with ease. (Aug 28)
  • Step by step guide and video series on how to create an e-commerce store and install BTCPay (Aug 31)


  • ShapeShift discontinued the Shifty button, breaking integration with BTCPay and many other services, requires KYC, gets removed from BTCPay (Sep 4)
  • Nicolas goes on a holiday, community takes care of BTCPay for 2 weeks (Sep 13)
  • Singaporean handmade candy stores starts using BTCPay (Sep 17)
  • Docker deployment updated to Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 to address the CVE-2018–17144 the same day it was announced, urges all merchants to update (Sep 18)
  • BTCPay IRC channel #btcpayserver on freenode created and integrated into Slack (Sep 19)
  • Nicolas shares BTCPay Twitter account access with RockStarDev and BitcoinShirt (Sep 26)
  • BTCPay (Wiki) Discourse created by Kukks (Sep 26)
  • How to integrate raspiblitz with BTCPay documentation(Sep 26)
  • “BTCPay is growing” article published where Nicolas shares his experience of growing the community. (Sep 26)
  • Version 1.0.106 updated LND to 0.5 and c-lightning to 0.6.1 together with minor bug in PoS custom field amount (Sep 28)
  • Two new demo servers launched (mainnet and testnet) (Sep 29)
  • BTCPay demoed and used on Lightning Hackathon Tokyo by developers to build their apps on it (Sep 30)
  • Coca-Cola Lightning Network vending-machine powered by BTCPay (Sep 30)


  • LunaNode 1-click deployment released as a major milestone in making BTCPay deployment fast, easy and cheap. (Oct 2)
  • Be your own bank article published on Soshtene blog (Oct 3)
  • BTCPay used by LightningHackdayNYC to accept payment for the event tickets (Oct 4)
  • Atomic Swaps talk and demo in BTCPay by Nicolas Dorier and Ethan Heilman (Oct 5)
  • Severe bug in NBXPlorer fixed and node info QR code added to improve the checkout experience. (Oct 10)
  • Version added Nepali and Russian language (Oct 11)
  • Demo store, demo payment button and PoS app released (Oct 13)
  • “Getting Started with BTCPay, free and open-source BTC and LN payment processor” guide posted on Reddit and become sticky post for 7 days (Oct 14)
  • Hosting BTCPay on Google Cloud guide released (Oct 14)
  • Version added Italian and fixed issues with rates API (Oct 15)
  • Version fixed LN QR code bug and added debuglog. (Oct 16)
  • Docker deployment updated to Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 (Oct 18)
  • New documentation website launched (Oct 19)
  • “A year after launch BTCPay has grown larger than its creator expected” article published by Bitcoin Magazine (Oct 23)
  • Getting Started with BTCPay guide taken down from Reddit under a false DMCA claim (Oct 24)
  • Accepting Bitcoin for your business: BTCPay Q&A (Oct 24)
  • BTCPay with Nicolas and Michel on the World Crypto Network (Oct 26)
  • introduced LND Rest expose, added Changelly support, Wallet UTXO set rescan, MySql and Ukrainian, Kazakh and Vietnamese language. (Oct 27)
  • RocstarDev LightningHackDay New York talk and (Oct 28)
  • How to deploy BTCPay on your own hardware (Oct 28)
  • BTCPay Walkthrough video and infographics (Oct 30)
  • announced BTCPay server in a box (Oct 31)


  • minor bug fixes (Nov 4)
  • c-lightning added to 1-click LunaNode deployment (Nov 6)
  • Modal invoices merged into the master branch and BTCPay open sources it’s Logos (T-shirts and hats showcased) (Nov 9)
  • modal pop-up invoice, i18n refactoring for transifex, logs shown on the front end, unconfirmed transactions displayed with low opacity (Nov 9)
  • BTCPay FAQ page major overhaul (Nov 9)
  • How to translate BTCPay (Nov 10)
  • introduced the new PoS design together with other minor improvements and bug fixes (Nov 12)
  • Freedomnode published a guide on how to manually install BTCPay (Nov 13)
  • minor bugfixes and improvements (Nov 16)
  • How to contribute to BTCPay video released (Nov 18)
  • Multi-arch update (Nov 23)
  • BTCPay Docker deployment working out of the box on raspberry PI (ARM32v7) (Nov 27)
  • BTCPay WooCommerce plugin added to WordPress Official Repository (Nov 27)
  • Fast-sync added for those who want to sync their nodes faster from a trusted node they own (Nov 29)
  • introduced shopping cart option for PoS app (Nov 29)
  • invoice export for easier accounting, improved UI in expiration checkout, and Serbian and Polish language added (Nov 30)


  • Monacoin docker deployment added by community (Dec 1)
  • BTCPay and QuickBooks integration released by Jeff Vandrew J (Dec 3)
  • added translation tool for BitPay’s BIP70 (Dec 3)
  • removed BIP70 support with minor improvements and bugfixes (Dec 6)
  • and the warning about updating BTCPay for LND users published (Dec 7)
  • BTCPay and Joule Lightning Network extension integration (Dec 7)
  • 44 days after the false DMCA take down, Guide to BTCPay restored on Reddit (Dec 7)
  • BTCPay vs other processors document and how to install Raspberry Pi with FastSync guide (Dec 9)
  • removed XFrame restriction in PoS, and allowed manual status change of invoices, dockerized QuickBooks plugin released (Dec 10)
  • Spark wallet integration for c-lightning users added and how to embed PoS button video (Dec 12)
  • deploys their own BTCPay Server and stars using it (Dec 13)
  • added easy way to connect to Spark wallet (QR code scan) and Hindi support (Dec 13)
  • Blockonomics launched a plugin that allows fiat-conversion and can be used with BTCPay (Dec 13)
  • How to connect BTCPay and Quickbooks video (Dec 14)
  • How to connect BTCPay and Joule video (Dec15)
  • Blockstream starts using BTCPay in their store (Dec 15)
  • How to connect BTCPay to Spark walelt video (Dec 16)
  • launched — BTCPay gets a website! (Dec 17)
  • BTCPay Server Slack reaches 1000 members milestone (Dec 17)
  • 1.02.32–1.02.33 fixed LND rest bug, improved exporting and few minor features and improvements (Dec 20)
  • Lightning Network Apps (Lapps) integration added to BTCPay and Turkish language (Dec 21)


For data nerds, here are coding stats from 2018.

BTCPay Repositories | Coding Hours | Coding Volume and Efficiency
BTCPay had over 40 contributors to the code, here are the most notable ones according to Gitential.

The stats are pulled from Gitential and include only the code contributions.

Thank you!

BTCPay community consists out of all sorts of people, and believe it or not majority of them are not developers. There are many things one can do to help an open-source project.

Developers, merchants, testers, content creators, members who provide support and help each other, free hosts, podcasters and journalists who spread he word about the project and the entire Bitcoin community.

We are thankful to every single one of you! Here’s to the future!

Enjoy your holidays.

BTCPay Server

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Payment Processor for Sovereign individuals

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