I kind of get that you don’t like Trump.
keith montgomery

I am in total agreement with the observation that Trump is loud, crude and full of his “reality TV” self. He is also refreshing on at least one level. He says what he thinks. He is the antithesis of the mostly homogenized, thoughtful, calculating, slow to respond, dearly-want-to-hold-on to their well paying (and generous health care/pension benefits) position in their elected office. I agree with the statement of one of the comments earlier, “I’ll give you a hint: those millions are Angry with both parties”. Today, that’s the deep and driving force in all of us.

Trump is an Opportunist. Whatever stirs the masses (believe me — he’s watching their responses), he is quick to connect. It appears he is listening and responding accordingly. He will be whatever you want him to be. If being a Potty Nazi is one, he’ll jump on that ship like stink on something stank.

We need statements made about what this Nation needs and not what is wrong about it.

We need roads and bridges, not walls.
We need educated children, not good test takers.
We need science for decision-making, not myths guiding with superstition, ignorance, inequality, racism, misogyny, and violence. 
We need a vision for the future, not a hankering for the good old days.

How do we get there? Discussion, discussion, more discussion and even some powerpoint presentations. It’s complicated. The devil is in the details. I hope it ain’t Trump.

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