Ode To Ice Cream

One quart down, two to go

Reminding me of whom I’ve lost

Cement-like cream, you fill my stomach

But you can never fill my heart

Forget calories

Forget carbs

All I need is comfort

Your empty tub runs deep as sorrow

And I have fallen in

In other places the sun blazes

But here the rain dominates

It fills the tub so I can eat again

An endless cycle

Flashes of happy old ladies and their grandchildren pass

And are stomped out by gray hospital rooms inhabited by withdrawn women

And these are replaced by the slowly churned, silky white redemption

Grandma would make art out of you

Adding toppings this way and that

But I prefer you dry


Stuffing up my throat and stifling grief

Choking me until the pain subsides

Deeper i fall into your domain

Oh how I wish I could reach the bottom.

Bleak, pale, condensed, uniform

The perfect final course accompaniment for death

Two quarts down, one to go