Delhi based start-up “Odd-Even” founded by ex-IITian Mr. Kejriwal launches to a warm response

A startup, you ask? Yes sir. That too a typical Indian one. ‘A start-up which has at its core a re-vamp of an originally foreign idea and founded by an ex-IITian’ — a good number of widely popular Indian start-ups fit this description as does Kejriwal’s Odd-Even.

Ever imagined how Odd-Even’s AngelList profile would be? We gave it a go and here it is.

On a serious note, the alarmingly warm temperatures for winter nights in Delhi might have a shot at better weather. Several have commented saying, the pollution has not really dropped at significant rate as expected in the first couple of days. Here’s what Kunal Shah had to say to them and we couldn’t agree more:

Like a start-up that’s here to stay and find lasting solutions to problems, the Kejriwal bandwagon has avoided being myopic on the issue. It is willing to recognize that benefits take time to accrue. Another applaudable part of Odd-Even is Mr. Kejriwal has made a lean start-up. A key feature of lean startups is to move fast and break things — a quality that shines through in the decision to move ahead with the rule before arranging for 15,000 new buses (which were needed to accommodate the loss of half the cars). He used an alternate path, doubled the trips of the metro trains in the city, asked tech startups like Ola, Uber to add carpooling services in Delhi. This is a significant break from the risk averse politics we are used to seeing from governments.

How could a good start-up forget the power social media? Odd-Even has partnered with Twitter to provide easy access channels into the information the public would need to adjust to the rule. Twitter will now serve users with real time public transport information and updates pertaining to their area. Another thing that separates good start-ups from the rest is a healthy fear of failure. Odd-Even demonstrates this in a way that ensures iterative refinements to the idea. AK’s willingness to address the public on multiple forums and open dialogue depicts this.

Wanting to see Odd-Even identify and reach milestones, after which we would be able to perceive the benefits of the idea, we shall touch base on it after the 15 day trial period.