Weight-Obsessed Kate On “This is Us” Is Not the Fat-Positive Role Model I Want, But Maybe That’s OK
Lesley Kinzel

Amazing piece. You are the writer I long to be if I had the time and guts. I agree with all points in your story and especially now when stupidf*#k Donald Trump calls women pigs and rates everyone on how much they weigh and how they look. I wanted to say that one of the “fat” people I really loved on TV was Suki on “Gilmore Girls”. I don’t recall any storyline about her trying to lose weight. She was a goddamn chef! She struggled with career issues and her weird grocer boyfriend, but I never heard he compare herself to Lorelei or Rory or anyone really, moaning about her weight. I love Melissa McCarthy, even though she has shed a few pounds lately. My last comment: The day that someone casts a fat woman as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice and plays her opposite a hot actor with no commentary on her weight…well, that will be a good day.

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