Politicians. Not a fan.

As the political race heats up, I would like to declare something this Two Cents Thursday — and here goes — I’m not a big fan of Politicians.

Oh I know — discussions of politics is high on the list of what to avoid with friends, colleagues and family. And I understand why — it’s a polarizing subject — with strong emotion attached.

But if we are all honest, many of us would say we don’t dislike politics per se, but politicians. I know why I do — because I view them as magicians without tricks. I can see up their sleeves. The outward appearance may be that they are in it to help you, me, the community. But are they really? I’m a skeptic. Think about it — they make promises they can NEVER keep, they say what they think the voters want to hear, they tout their abilities to get things done (but we all know it takes a governing “body” of folks to get things done and that no Lone Ranger can create true change.) They are well-dressed, well-rehearsed talking heads. And the worst thing is — it’s so transparent.

I want to believe them so badly. I really do. I want to have faith that the next guy or gal in office will do better — that they will have the will of the people at the top of their agenda. Unfortunately, we are so often let down — through their actions, through the web of bureaucracy that ties our political system into knots.

I have a proposal — I suggest that if you’re running for office, don’t promise me anything. Shrug your shoulders and let your campaign slogan be “I’ll give it a shot.” And if you don’t make good on what we expected of you, you give the taxpayers a refund — of your entire salary while in office. That sounds like a bi-partisan policy I can back.

I will vote when it comes time as it’s my civic duty and a privilege. But it’s hard to pull the lever when I’m crossing my fingers.

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