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adam.wootton.uk@gmail.com(former CeX employee) wrote as follows to their customer care(email support) #############################

Hi Guys
I’ve been working for your company for the last year now at the Newcastle
Grainger store and the times finally come to say enough is enough. I was
going to try and be professional about this but after working for a company
this immature for so long and trying my best to keep my mouth shut, fuck it
I don’t care anymore.
To put it bluntly, at Newcastle Grainger you seemed to have a really great
team of people who are not being motivated to work and are struggling to
continue mainly because of how difficult the manager is. Mr Polacek seems
to be under the impression that its okay to hire his ‘mates’ that stand
around and do no work, perv on certain staff members/customer, encourage
staff to buy in stolen DVDs, make and allow others to make inappropriate
sexist and homophobic comments harshly directed to specific people,
constantly slag off staff members he’s decided not to like and just
genuinely treat certain people like total crap for no reason.
What’s seemed to happen to Michal is the same thing I’ve seen happen to
managers I’ve previously worked with where basically the pathetically small
amount of power he has went to head and he seemed to think he can do
whatever the hell he wants. The fact he’s been getting away with this for
so long and no one seems to be doing anything makes me so angry that I just
want nothing to do with your company again and it deeply saddens me that
people can get away with acting like total scumbags because the people
below them are too scared to stand up and do anything.
You see, a good manager motivates their staff and encourages their
employees to work hard by playing to their strengths, rewards their hard
workers and set a good example by being a positive role model with a good
attitude. This is literally the opposite of what Michal has done. So much
so that the guy spent a long period of time telling employees that if they
had any problems or concerns that they should ‘fuck off and not speak to
(me)’ him.
It just seems so pointless to constantly have a go at certain staff members
for no reason and to put your staff in a position where they feel
unbelievably uncomfortable on a daily bases. The main example of this that
has pushed me over the edge is having to dealing with idiots bringing in
stolen goods and just being told to ‘buy them in anyway’.
I hope your aware that a decent percentage of the DVDs in Newcastle
Grainger are stolen from Primark on Northumbaland street, Sainsburys up the
road from the store, and a couple of other places where DVDs (mainly new
releases) are merched without tags so people can swipe them without getting
We all know theses DVDs are stolen. The same people come in with same ones
everyday using different accounts with different names and are so blatant
and confident about it that every so often you can literally hear them
standing in the queue bragging about it. I have tried to put a stop to this
several times and have made everyone who works for that store know exactly
which DVDs to look our for and which customers to double check. When I
confronted Michel about this his reply was, and this is a direct quote: ‘I
don’t give a fuck’.

Do you guys really think someone with that attitude should be running one
of your stores? How can he expect anyone else to care if he’s going act
like that? I understand that he must be under a lot of pressure but that’s
absolutely no excuse to be acting the way he’s acting and I seriously
resent the fact that I have been completely ignored and have been made to
feel like a total idiot for simply trying to do the right thing.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m a perfect employee, far from it. In
fact my performance over the last month or so has been particularly poor
and I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses because I’m not, but the
reason I stopped caring is because Michal has created an environment at
that store where the staff members he likes get away with doing no work and
the ones he doesn’t like (for absolutely no reason) have to work twice as
hard and no get any credit for the effort their putting in.
With the exception of going on test because I was worried I’d mess
everything up, I have literally tried everything I could possibly do to try
and do what’s best for your company and have been treat like complete shit
for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

I worked hard and put more money through the till on a daily basis than
literally anyone else who works for that store (seriously, check the
records if you don’t believe me) so why haven’t I been given any of the
chances that other people who work there have? Is it maybe because I’m not
mates with Michel outside of work? Is it maybe because I don’t constantly
lick his arse or pretend to laugh at his jokes every two seconds? Is it
maybe because I’m not a girl he wants to flirt with?
And on that subject, I’d also like to make a point about the ridiculously
inappropriate comments that are being made every few minutes about certain
staff members. Do you make a habit of hiring total perverts or this just
something you’re not bothered about? Seriously, my supervisor who’s pushing
30 last week asked a 17 year old girl that works for the store several
times repeatedly if he could ‘cum on her face’. Joking or not, having to
just put up with hearing that type of crap every day is tiresome and quite
frankly so immature that it’s just sad. Again this is something that has
got insanely out of hand recently and something I seriously suggest you
look into. It’s only a matter of time before someone decides to prosecute
you guys for sexual harassment I can promise you that.
Like I’ve stated previously, it deeply saddens me that people are too
afraid to stand up for what’s right because they are scared to lose their
job and angers me when bosses or companies know this but continue to
belittle people because think they can get away with it.
I’ve been visibly struggling at work the past 6 months to the point that
other staff members have been concerned about my mental health and worried
at several point about me committing suicide yet whenever I’ve spoke to
Michel about any of my concerns his response was, and again this is a
direct quote ‘fuck off and get another job then’.

Currently in the process of seeing a councilor, I’m trying my best to get
help and know that I shouldn’t bring my personal problems into work but its
rather difficult when I’m constantly put in awkward positions, put down,
belittled and made to feel like I’m a total moron that can’t do right for
doing wrong.
The truth about Michal Polacek is that he’s a bully. And like most bullies,
deep down I know he’s a total fucking coward. At least I’m man enough to
admit to the mistakes I’ve made and feel bad for the things I’ve done
wrong, I don’t just act like a pussy and lie and make excuses.
In conclusion and to be as professional as I can and feel I need to be at
this point: Michal Polacek is a terrible manager and a genuinely nasty
person and from my experience Cex is nothing but a pathetically immature
company run by pathetically immature people. You should be deeply shamed of yourselves for letting this happen.

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