Faye, I would like to highlight following points on your live show(The Urban Debate) over the phone. My phone# XXXXXXXXXX.

1. Our priority should be people who didn’t benefit from outsourcing boom despite possessing right skills & their willingness to accept lower paycheck.

2. Just so you know, BPO employees buy weed from known cyclewallah’s outside BPO offices in Malad. It’s similar story at other locations as well.

3. Infact, a known International BPO in Vikhroli listed at Nasdaq attracts employees by providing smoke zone in a otherwise smoke free premise.

4. The unwillingness of grown-ups to accept reality & move on with their lives have accentuated prevalent malpractices.

5. As a result, professionalism in international BPO’s has slipped steadily and now lags behind domestic BPO’s.

6. Mediocrity, nepotism, dirty politics, malpractices have become the order of the day.

7. We need to create our own jobs. Unfortunately, that is the bitter truth. We depend too much on service jobs(off-shoring).

8. We’ve to raise our share in global trade. We’ve to move beyond services.

9. IT companies are progressively moving away from a service centric to a product centric business model; they really have no choice.

10. If we miss the writing on the wall, we’ll have blood on the streets.

11. Anyone whose job is on the line have limited options to save it - take a pay cut, settle for a lower position, empathise with his/her employer.

12. Human intervention in service sector has become least critical and hugely fungible. So, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

13. Nasscom is just another cosy club perpetuating mediocrity and status quo.

14. I noticed too many people venting their angst and distorting reality. So, I’ve merely stepped forward to clear the air. Thank-you.

15. We didn’t care for #EaseToDoBusiness. We’ve allowed our problems to fester. Fortunately, #outsourcing helped bridge the gap; not anymore. :)

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