When executive(government), judiciary, Federal Reserve, law enforcement agencies, competition commission and fourth estate(media) cannot rein in a big & powerful rogue company(/financial institution) like @JPMorgan @Chase; I believe, it’s high time for us(citizens) to collectively take a stand against them. Hence, I appeal to everyone to boycott @JPMorgan @Chase and all those dealing with them.

I agree, Intel and Microsoft monopolize technology business. Here, the issue is much more serious when unscrupulous service companies too big and powerful(like JP Morgan Chase) and make all checks and balances ineffective

Sure, I know how JP Morgan and others were bailed out by US Government out of taxpayers money after sub prime mortgage crisis. I know of the routine data theft and integrity issues that keeping cropping-up at JP Morgan Chase. I know how JP Morgan is a morally bankrupt bank. I know how those like JP Morgan Chase are being offered a free lunch indirectly via the policy of quantitative easing initiated by US FED.

I also know how JP Morgan Chase Indian Operations suck.

Hence, the purpose of my petition is do a deep dive, gather granular detail and publish them here, expose them here and my yet to launched blog(I’ll include the link of the blog here) to win public support for my campaign to boycott JP Morgan Chase. For starters, I am tweeting my petition on twitter as follows:

My Tweets:

I’m appealing to all twitter users, join cause, boycott immoral @JPMorgan, @Chase & vote them out with your feet. @WSJ @nytimes @CNNMoney

@jpmorgan @Chase To crowd source inputs and nail JP Morgan Chase I need your support here: https://www.change.org/p/info-occupywallstreet-net-i-m-making-a-public-appeal-boycott-jp-morgan-chase-real-wolf-and-scourge-of-wall-street @WSJ @nytimes @CNNMoney

@jpmorgan @Chase Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JPMorgan_Chase A scourge on free market & Wall Street. @WSJ @nytimes @CNNMoney

PS: You’re welcome to get in touch with me on twitter via Buddha Stings

My Petition on Change.org:

My latest tweet: I’ve reviewed @JPMorgan @Chase 1/5 onhttp://www.mouthshut.com here:http://www.mouthshut.com/review/JP-Morgans-Chase%C2%A0-review-qtuurrtott I’m appealing to @twitter to join cause with me.

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