Triumph of the bullies
Pritish Nandy | Apr 26 2017 : Mirror (Mumbai)

Well, atleast Mr Pritish Nandy has called a spade a spade, taken the bull by it's horns, ... not missed the wood for the trees, practised objective journalism, .... been a true professional. Thank you.

Kudos to Mr Pritish NAndy.

PS: Mr Pritish Nandy, earlier I've been at your receiving end for being harshly critical of your writing. Sir, I've only given apt words to my feelings.

In anycase, I don't care. It's perfectly fine. Even you're giving words to your feelings and rightly so.

By the way, I admire your writings skills, your creativity, initiative, talent, perspective, ... Sometimes, we all fare poorly. So, we all need to take brickbats in our stride. As they say, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. It's the same for everyone, everywhere. No reader will like everything, every-time. It's natural, admirers of your talent will feel let down and feel a personal sense of loss when you fare poorly. So, a honest feedback is bound to follow, in such a situation.

By the way, even Mr Jug Suraiya and others get upset if their writings aren't taken kindly. However, how else would you know whom you've won over, whom you haven't and whom you've lost? Well, through a candid feedback, of-course. So, no offence taken, no offence intended. Thank you(once again).

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