How to use WhatsApp to sell

BudgEat® Seller
Mar 18 · 3 min read

WhatsApp is a Communication tool which has a large audience. As of December 2017, the mobile messaging app announced more than 1.5 billion monthly active users.

To tap into this hugh channel, your goal as a Vendor needs to be strategic.

Here, we are going to talk about how to tap into that audience and sell via WhatsApp.

How to use WhatsApp to sell

1. Create a Business Account

With the WhatsApp Business App you can create a more professional presence on the platform. This adds a more personal touch to your business and help buyers interface with you as a Brand.

2. Use WhatsApp Groups to extend your reach

There is so much you can sell to Friends and Family on WhatsApp. But the beauty of WhatsApp is that you can create Groups which will extend the pool of people you can sell to. And there are a tons of groups on WhatsApp, especially groups with buyers and sellers interested in similar products.

You can join the BudgEat Seller WhatsApp group. Where we have compiled different various groups based on interest… e.g. Electronics or Fashion…

3. Leverage the platform with third-part Apps

Our new App, BudgEat Seller comes bundled with a few awesome tools to increase sales on the WhatsApp platform.


This feature provide Vendors with a Dashboard of potential Customers’ interaction. So you could see data such as:

  • Past Visits
  • Catalog Interaction times
  • Duration on your shared page… etc


Getting paid is the most important factor for any Vendor on a platform. And with the BudgEat Seller App, we have implemented a simple Button that can allow you to share a custom payment link within a WhatsApp chat. This easily allow a customer to purchase your product(s) without having to search through an App or external website.


The BudgEat Seller app easily allow Sellers to manage any number of items they want on the platform. Sellers have the ability to:

  • Enter Item prices
  • Enter Item descriptions
  • Upload Catalog Images
  • and much more…

The BudgEat Seller App can be downloaded on the Google Play Store today.

Start taking your Business to the next level by Selling on WhatsApp.

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