New Funding Commitments & Scaling Our Work

A recent event — Cost of Corruption Workshop — at Four Points by Sheraton, Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria, January 25, 2017 — Since inception as a civic tech organization, we have have worked tirelessly to simplify the Nigerian budget, provide institutional support and champion transparency and accountability in governance.

In the bid to scale up our work and impact , international organizations who believe in our values are taking a bet on us. The Gates Foundation and Omidyar Network have recently committed approximately $3m funding for our work within the next 3–4 years. With this support, we would be raising the bar of transparency and accountability in the use of public funds in Nigeria.

The 36-month support from Gates Foundation is focused on deepening our work in subnational engagement in Nigeria. There has been a noticably deep neglect of fiscal transparency in the states as revealed with the recent financial crisis, where over 24 states cannot meet personnel obligations as at when due.

As defined in the submission to the donor organization, “Our work is to ensure that we adequately curate data related to States in Nigeria, which can be utilised for actionable intelligence, institutional improvement as well as to simultaneously enhance citizen engagement and service delivery. Based on our previous “State of States” report which recorded phenomenal success in terms of reception and engagement, BudgIT will extend the issuance of this report for the next three years. We aim to go further with our collaborative efforts and build an open-source web visualisation dashboard and website which compares States’ performance, extent of transparency and also provides information on States’ key indices such as monthly expenditure commitment, the States’ Internally-generated revenues, and each State’s debt ranking and associated socio-economic data.

Focused support will be on three (3) states which have shown an appetite for reform and fiscal sustainability. This project will also deliver the budget to citizens in the focus States, giving them the access to information on allocations to Health and Agriculture budgets and the right incentive to demand accountability. BudgIT will also extend its work to the Federal Government, with serial papers and (data) science-backed memos on improving the budget processes and other elements of reform that markedly improve efficiency and citizen engagement.

The Omidyar Network funding “will be focused on enabling BudgIT to grow its organizational capacity, especially at state level, and to expand its work with government and institutional stakeholders into Abuja.” We plan to expand our project tracking to 20 states and over 100 communities. This fund will also strengthens our work to deliver Open Government Partnership project in Nigeria, provide budget access to at least 2.5m Nigerians and also 20,000 user-generated reports on Tracka by 2019.

These recent fundings are tied to our next five years plan focused on building intersections in multi-sectors — citizens, government, media and civil society — developing a sustainability approach in terms of talent retention and deepening the civic tech culture in Nigeria and beyond. This basket of fund is a commitment from our donors and there are targets that we are braced up to meet, to have continuous access to this support.

BudgIT currently has a core team of 30 people and 14 project tracking officers with offices in Lagos, Abuja and Freetown. BudgIT is committed to financial transparency and will improve on its annual reporting, currently posted online for the last three years.

For more information, kindly reach Omowunmi on +234–802–666–3785 ,

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