Commercial Real Estate Roundup: 2Q2017

U.S. Commercial Real Estate lending grew in 2Q2017 led by a pick up of commercial mortgage — backed securities (CMBS) mortgages.

Although short-term interest rates rose in June, the rest of the capital markets landscape remained stable as equity markets rose, spreads continued to tighten, and volatility continued to trend in a limited manner.

Food for thought: according to a recent study by CBRE- U.S. commercial loan closings are up +27% comparing 2Q2016 ($30.7 Billion) vs. 2Q2017 ($38.8 Billion). CMBS made up 10% of the volume in the non-agency space in 2Q2016, this past quarter they made up 36%…

I understand debt markets are healthy, though is this pace sustainable?

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