I left New York.

I wanted to start an investment company.

I wanted to help people.

I had to bootstrap, so I moved into my little brother’s tiny apartment.

I felt like a failure. It was so embarrassing.

Money was tight, so we rented a room on Craigslist. During this time, I learned something incredible:

Both Success and happiness depend on how much value we add to the world.

It did not depend on how many videos I saw on YouTube, or how many books I read, or podcasts I listened to.

The Problem: No skills. No money.

Desperate and without any options, I read for many hours every day.

158 books total my first year.

To focus, I stopped…

  • Talking to friends who didn’t add value.
  • Going out to eat.
  • Using Facebook and consuming social media.
  • Paying attention to sports.
  • Watching Hulu and Netflix.

First, I started publishing our views on investing.

The more clarity I got, the better I got at investing. That’s when I started contributing to major publications.

People began to recognize and respect my ability to create value.

I left LA to invest in Washington state and moved out of my brother’s apartment.

I acquired a five building portfolio of low income housing apartments, then eventually, I bought my first three hundred unit portfolio in the Midwest.

Now, I bought and sold over four hundred apartments around the nation while contributing to Forbes with a 13,500+ person community.

If you do not feel successful, ask yourself:

Are you the buyer or are you the seller?

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