Smart Cities and Digital Infrastructure

Investing in digital infrastructure and smart technology has been a challenging topic for how our cities plan to attract employers and keep talent.

This is important because these investments will make our cities more efficient, safer, and economically sustainable.

Updating these programs are expensive and our city budgets are constrained with numerous issues we are facing as a nation.

I feel that the City of Los Angeles could learn from other cities as we march forward towards the 2028 Olympics.

Two cities stand out to me as great examples of where the future of infrastructure technology is headed: Barcelona and Dallas.

We could learn from Barcelona as the city has been implementing smart irrigation systems to regulate water usage.

We could learn from Dallas as they partnered with Panasonic to implement smart lighting systems and innovative waste management systems.

Until we see Blockchain being implemented, alongside other GovTech measures, we should rely on public-private partnerships to drive efficiency and progress in our cities.