I really wish I hadn’t seen this.
Kay Eden Gerber

it will get better, please please do not end your life because of someone else’s fears and anger. Ypu’re no oppressore; the person who wrote this original post is really unhinged in an unsafe way, and she is contributing to your oppression; you’re experiences are as valid as her’s and she cannot take it away from you. I won’t let her, and there are people like me (cis, straight, white, privileged) who won’t either. We’re here. We support you. You saw this, and it was seemingly awful. But you don’t have to act on the pain!! I’ve been in your shoes for different reasons, and I won’t pretend that things will ever be easy because no one can promise that. But they can change and progress and I will spend my life making sure you have the same rights as me and the person who posted this article. ❤ ❤

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1–800–273–8255

Available 24 hours everyday


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