Proof That The New York Times Isn’t Feeling the Bern
The Broken Ravioli

tbh this article seems more biased than the switch in the Times piece. I’m a Bernie supporter but this is absurd; his record shows he is very competent at tacking on amendments with across-the-aisle support to much larger bills. No matter how you phrase that it should be clear what that means; his record of shutting down larger bills like NAFTA and recently TPP demonstrates a bit of dissonance between what he promises to do and what he has done. Ideologically, he’s one of the most consistent voters I’ve ever encountered, but this article was not about that; it was about his record vs. what he promises, something every major media site, including the times, often reports on with Clinton, usually tacking on Bill in some way or another, holding her accountable for her Husband’s presidency (which was until 2012 a very popular presidency). This just seems so petty and is why us bernie supporters get such a bad name. This is lame.