Keep Squirrels Off of Your Property with These Tips

Who doesn’t love to see squirrels scampering through your yard, gathering up nuts for their winter stash? Yet if those squirrels invade your home or garden, they might not seem so adorable any more. Pest control professionals know all too well the damage squirrels cause homeowners. Here are some tips from pest control experts to help you keep squirrels out of your home and garden.

Keep Squirrels out of Your Home

When cool weather arrives, squirrels look for a safe, warm spot to dig in for the winter. If your attic is easily accessible, they might just choose your home to spend the winter. With warm insulation providing the perfect nest material, a mother squirrel can spend the winter in luxury.

With the kinds of diseases that squirrels carry, though, your home is the last place you want a squirrel family to spend their winter. In an article on the Florida Health website, health professionals caution people about sharing their homes with these charming, yet dangerous creatures.

If you try to remove a squirrel yourself, you risk getting bitten. Even worse, if you don’t know where it got in, it will return there or another spot that allows it easy access. A pregnant female is even more persistent. Her desire to raise her babies in a warm, protected spot drives her to find some way to come inside.

Keep Squirrels out of Your Garden

Feed your pets indoors or remove their food bowls as soon as they walk away. Leftover pet food beckons squirrels to the dinner table. Remove yard debris, since squirrels often use it as a winter home. Check bird feeders to make sure that food isn’t spilling out of them.

Protect the plants in your garden with a wire mesh barrier. The mesh should have a weave no larger than ¼ inch, since squirrels can squeeze through openings larger than that, says an article by Wildlife Damage Control.

If you remove potential food, shelter, and water sources from your property, the trees in your yard won’t be at as much risk for squirrel damage. Because squirrels eat tree bark, trees can lose branches, since branches need the protective bark to survive. More information on the damage squirrels cause is available through a University of Florida report.

Leave Squirrel Removal to the Experts

Don’t risk squirrel bites or exposure to diseases by attempting to remove the squirrels yourself. Many states, such as Florida, have wildlife protection laws designed to protect squirrels and other animals from amateur’s attempts to remove them.

Pest control experts, on the other hand, know their state’s laws and can evict your squirrel squatters legally and humanely, with no risk of disease exposure for you and your family. They can also seal off possible points of re-entry, so you’ll never have to worry about squirrels in your home again.

Many pest control professionals will provide a free evaluation of your property to assess your risk for damage by squirrels or other pests. If you notice squirrels on your property, contact your local pest control experts today.