BugSplat emojis for HipChat and Slack

Using BugSplat tends to change the way you talk about crashes. Instead of calling them a crash, we see teams introducing such terms as “BugSplat” or “Splat” as synonyms for software failure.

To make that conversation even easier, make BugSplat a custom emoji for your team’s favorite messaging app!

Here are instructions to do that with two of our users’ favorite messaging services — HipChat and Slack.

Before you begin, be sure to download our logo asset here.


1. To build a custom BugSplat emoticon for your team, you need to be logged in to your team’s HipChat account on their website. Once logged in, use the bar on the top left of the screen but below your name and image, and select the Emoticons tab.

2. Now drag the BugSplat image you downloaded earlier, or upload it through the file selector, to import the file to HipChat. Be sure to name it something recognizable, one word, and all lowercase. Once named, hit “Add Emoticon.”

3. You are now free to use BugSplat as an emoji!! Just type the name you assigned the emoji in parentheses.


1. Navigate to Slack’s website and log in. From there click on your team’s name to open the Team Menu. From there click “Customize Slack” and select the Emoji tab.

2. Next you need to choose a name for your BugSplat emoji and upload the BugSplat image that you previously downloaded.

3. Next click “Save New Emoji” and scroll down the page to view your list of custom emojis.

4. You can then use your brand-new BugSplat emoji by typing [name of your BugSplat emoji] or by looking in the custom emoji folder.

5. Go ahead and use your BugSplat emoji however you wish!

About BugSplat

BugSplat is a software company based out of sunny and beautiful Boulder, Colorado. We work our butts of building crash reporting tools used by developers. Our tool enables our users to track crashes and fix bugs on over 100 million desktops around the planet. That makes us an important part of the development and support process for some of the best software and video game development teams in the biz. Support for all kinds of different platforms and always working on new projects. We’re a busy bunch — reach us by email support@bugsplatsfotware.com Thanks!

Originally published at www.bugsplatsoftware.com on March 24, 2016.

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