Build in Bombay’s AMA with Brijraj Vaghani of Traffline

Divraj Jain [4:29 PM] 
@brijraj: Thanks for doing this , can you tell us a bit about how you got started and what you guy’s are working on ?

Brijraj [4:32 PM] 
:Hi all

Brijraj [4:32 PM]
We started to solve a personal problem. Lack of real time information when on road

Brijraj [4:33 PM]
It frustrated n annoyed me when ppl used traffic as as excuse for all delays n inefficiencies

Divraj Jain [4:33 PM] 
@channel: Guy’s please begin your question’s with Q:

Brijraj [4:33 PM] 
Do decided to put together a system which gives a Birds Eye view of what happens on roads

Brijraj [4:35 PM]
We have 2 apps. Traffline for traffic n parking information. Ridlr for public transport information

Jeffery Axel [4:35 PM] 
Q: What does Traffline do better than GMaps / Waze ?

Sharmil Shah [4:36 PM] 
Hi @brijraj! Q: what is your business model and how long did it take for you to get it right?

Brijraj [4:36 PM] 
Our sources are live. We get GPS data frm vehicles moving on road. Also we have people sitting in police control room who provide updates proactively

Brijraj [4:36 PM]
Plus we have a growing cumminty of users on twitter n app

Saurabh [4:36 PM] 
Q. How hard is it to generate users for your app? As things like traffic updates are important but generally not rated as the most essential app on a person’s phone. And how did you overcome this problem.?

Brijraj [4:37 PM] 
@sharmil its to build an engaging community n lead them to local transactions lime tickets, cabs, deals. Earn commission out of them

Brijraj [4:38 PM]
@saurabh it continues to be hard. We got good coverage frm press n we r popular on twitter. Off late we also get down loads from ad networks

Divraj Jain [4:39 PM] 
Q: Have you partnered / integrated with taxi app’s ? How do you see traffline evolving as we move to driverless cars ?

Vishal Gupta [4:40 PM] 
What are your plans in regards to future growth both in terms of user base as well as income?

Sharmil Shah [4:41 PM] 
Q: What is your team strength? How many cities are you in and how did you scale?

Brijraj [4:41 PM] 
@divraj yes. We have integrated with radio taxis n plan to bring more on board. For driverless cars traffic data is important so then can control the speed. We will be provided of the same


Brijraj [4:42 PM]
@sharmil get to 10 million DAU in 3 yrs. And enable 100 crore worth of transactions daily


Brijraj [4:42 PM]
@sharmil we are 70 ppl strong. Live in 12 cities

Brijraj [4:43 PM]
Sorry Vishal. Not able to tag you

Sharmil Shah [4:44 PM] 
Q: Do public agencies help you with your efforts / mission?

Brijraj [4:44 PM] 
The traffic police does in sharing information n endorsing us. The transit agencies by giving us raw data

Sharmil Shah

Venkatesh Naidu [4:45 PM] 
Q: Is it cost-effective to use your services?

Sharmil Shah [4:45 PM] 
Q: Does IoT tech figure in your roadmap?

Brijraj [4:46 PM] 
@convergenceenviro yes. The apps are free

Divraj Jain [4:46 PM] 
Q: Is fraudulent / fake crowdsourced information an issue at all ? How do you tackle this ?

Brijraj [4:47 PM] 
@sharmil yes. We will be working on NLP, machine learning. On app side use of motion sensors, gyroscope. Also lot of big data position s

Brijraj [4:47 PM]
@divraj do it manually now. But building a machine learning algorithm to filter these out

Vishal Gupta [4:48 PM] 
What database have you deployed:

Brijraj [4:49 PM] 
MySQL n Mongo

Sharmil Shah [4:49 PM] 
Q: Yes, your tech stack would be interested to note

Sharmil Shah [4:49 PM]
* interesting

Brijraj [4:49 PM] 
For public transport we use PostGre

Venkatesh Naidu [4:49 PM] 
@brijraj Your apps could also be a boon to law enforcement

Brijraj [4:50 PM] 
@convergenceenviro yes. If there is willingness on their part to use it

Jeffery Axel [4:52 PM] 
Q: Resident’s in cities where Waze routes users through internal streets once quiet are unhappy , is this a problem you encounter as well ?

Brijraj [4:53 PM] 
@jeffaxel yes, we do. Especially in Ridlr where we suggest s bus n it nvr shows up

Brijraj [4:54 PM]
Right now for India we use good quality maps so routing complains are low

Devansh Doshi [4:56 PM] 
Considering the amount of phones running on andriod the data gathered, the info presented will be roughly accurate .. How you planning to tackle them ?

Brijraj [4:58 PM] 
@devanshrising 3 words. Personalized, community based n localized

Brijraj [4:58 PM]
We being small can do these things better than incumbemts

Devansh Doshi [4:59 PM] 

Divraj Jain [5:00 PM] 
Guy’s thanks for your questions and thanks @brijraj !

Brijraj [5:00 PM] 
Thanks all. Good lucj

Brijraj [5:00 PM]

Don’t forget to download Ridlr n send me the feedback

Brijraj [5:00 PM]