Build in Bombay’s AMA with Pratyush Jalan of BoxMySpace

Divraj Jain [7:00 PM] 
@pratyushjalan: Thanks for doing this , can you tell us a bit about how you got started and what your working on at BoxMySpace

Divraj Jain [7:00 PM]
@channel: Please begin your question’s with Q:

Yash Roongta [7:03 PM] 
Hey @pratyushjalan What is your teamsize ?

Pratyush [7:06 PM] 
So, just a brief background

Pratyush [7:07 PM]
I graduated from Cornell University, NY in ’10. Post which I was working with Microsoft for about three years.

Pratyush [7:07 PM]
Last year I moved back to India and then started working at another startup, WebEngage

Pratyush [7:07 PM]
During that period while I was working, I clicked on the idea for “valet-storage” in India and then moved out and started BoxMySpace

Pratyush [7:08 PM]
We have been operational for 6 months

Pratyush [7:08 PM]
At BoxMySpace, we have created a very unique proposition of providing easy and secure storage option to the space crunched urban city dwellers

Pratyush [7:09 PM]
@yash12392: We are currently a team of 10 people and growing that to 15 in the next couple of months

Jeffery Axel [7:11 PM] 
Q: Do you plan to introduce sharing of stored items as a revenue stream for your customer’s ?

Pratyush [7:12 PM] 
P2P is something we are definitely looking at. For that, we are working on covering the security measures and automating the subscription model

Devansh Doshi [7:12 PM] 
Who are your major customers right now? Enterprises or normal users?

Pratyush [7:12 PM] 

Akshat Gandhi [7:12 PM] 
Q: do you have facilities for temperature controlled storage ?

Pratyush [7:13 PM] 
Cold-Storage? No.

Pratyush [7:13 PM]
That is primarily used for industrial inventory storage purposes — vegetables, chemicals etc

Divraj Jain [7:16 PM] 
Q: We’re you inspired by BoxBee / valet storage in the west , if so how have you localized your service after discovering Indian market realities ? What advice would you give people looking to transplant model’s to India ?

Pratyush [7:17 PM] 
For every idea started in the west, operationally India is very different

Pratyush [7:17 PM]
The way you see the product and think consumers will use is entirely different from the reality

Akshat Gandhi [7:20 PM] 
@pratyushjalan: do you offer insurance for the boxed items ? what kind of policy and processes do you have to mitigate a) fraudulent claims b) real claims in the rare case something does go wrong

Sudeep Padalkar [7:20 PM] 
So hw different is the environment in terms of generating capital in India maybe from US

Pratyush [7:20 PM] 
Yes, we have both in-transit and storage insurance of upto Rs. 1,00,000 per box and space unit

Devansh Doshi [7:21 PM] 
how it is operationally different from west ? can you share some insights on this point

Pratyush [7:21 PM] 
We take an inventory of the things people store with us which we upload to the customers account, thats how we prevent any fraud claims

Pratyush [7:22 PM]
In terms of people management (majorly in logistics), alleviating securing issues from the consumers standpoint, automated subscription model (because of RBI’s 2 factor auth)

Pratyush [7:23 PM]
@holysatan84: I haven’t had the experience raising capital in US, so can’t comment

Jeffery Axel [7:26 PM] 
Q: self storage is common in the west , not so much in India. Did you find that awareness bit is a hindrance ?

Pratyush [7:27 PM] 
Yes. Explaining them the value proposition is very important

Pratyush [7:28 PM]
And as I mentioned earlier, getting their confidence in terms of security sometimes becomes a challenge

Divraj Jain [7:31 PM] 
Thanks for your question’s guy’s and thanks @pratyushjalan , hope it was insightful !

Pratyush [7:31 PM] 
Thanks Divraj.

Pratyush [7:31 PM]
If there is any other questions, you guys can reach me directly at