Build in Bombay’s AMA with Siddharth Sah of MakeWhale

Divraj Jain [4:30 PM] 
@siddharth.sah & Team MakeWhale — Thanks for doing this , can you tell us a bit about how you got started and what your working on ?

Divraj Jain [4:30 PM]
@channel: Please begin your question’s with Q:

Siddharth [4:32 PM] 
Thanks Divraj! MakeWhale is a design house that makes premium 3D printed customized gifts — for corporates and individuals. We are all fans of 3D printing and wanted this to reach the consumers. Currently we only see 3D printing in the news for architecture, medical etc — we want to show the incredible products we can make for consumers too!

Siddharth [4:34 PM]
We launched about 3 weeks ago and the response so far has been great. We’re currently working on some corporate logos reimagined into various products as well as some customized cufflinks for a wedding!

Jeffery Axel [4:38 PM] 
Q: Shapeways has validated that 3d Printing startups offering a complete experience can scale , what are primary challenges in the Indian market ?

Siddharth [4:42 PM] 
Our biggest challenge in India is definitely educating people that 3D printing can be used on the consumer level as well. In the US, Europe the maker movement is strong and the knowledge of 3D printing is higher. People are amazed everyday when we give them ideas of what can be made.

Also most people naturally have not heard of some of the materials we work with — nylon, sandstone for example don’t mean anything to someone who hasn’t bought these products before! So we try our best to describe each product — its look, its feel and of course show it in person wherever possible.

Divraj Jain [4:46 PM] 
Q: What are your thoughts on making functional products vs jewelry , gifts ?
Yes We Can. But Should We? — re:form
The unintended consequences of the maker movement (54KB)
Sept 16th, 2014 at 1:28 AM

Joel [4:50 PM] 
Q: Hi Siddharth, what is the pricing model for the 3d printed gifts and how can a person who is not into designing get something made?

Rushabh Sadiwala [4:50 PM] 
Q: who is the sexiest man in Bombay and why is his name Divraj?

Siddharth [4:53 PM] 
@divraj: I haven’t read this article, so excuse me if I don’t address this as intended.

At MakeWhale all our products are designed along with the client. They are gifting products anyway, we just help them make products more suited to what they had in mind but couldn’t gift earlier. We aren’t making quirky products and selling them as cool 3D printed products. 3D printing also fills a void where corporates often might want some specific logo made but traditional manufacturing doesnt allow them to make in small quantities. We have had a client who wanted 20 of his company mascots made as desktop accessory but no one would make it for him until we came along.


Siddharth [4:55 PM]
@joel: Hi Joel. Our prices vary depending largely on material and quantity of material used. Not a problem at all if you aren’t into designing — thats why we are here :simple_smile: . One can always submit their idea to along with reference images if they have any. Our designer will then get in touch with you to understand more about who the gift is for etc and then send you a couple of sketches from which you can choose the idea you like best and we can go ahead with that!

Caryn Putman [4:55 PM] 
Q: Does MakeWhle have its own in-house team of designers?

Siddharth [4:56 PM] 
@carynputman: Hi Caryn. Yes we have a great team of experienced product designers in-house.

Joel [5:00 PM] 
what all material you work on? a

Joel [5:00 PM]
Q: how is the market response so far?

Caryn Putman [5:01 PM] 
Q: Considering the cost and that this is a relatively new product, do you think the Indian market is ready for 3D printing?

Dhiraj Kunder [5:01 PM] 
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Siddharth [5:02 PM] 
@joel: We work with a wide variety of materials including sandstone, nylon, steel, brass, plated metals and more. You can have a look more in detail here: our Product Information. It should give you a good idea of what the materials are and what they are good for!

Siddharth [5:03 PM]
Okay slackbot didn’t allow me to post the link again, but @joel the materials we work with are explained on our website under the FAQ section


Siddharth [5:03 PM]
The response has been pretty good! People are excited about the possibilities.

Joel [5:05 PM] 
the website looks great.:+1:

Siddharth [5:06 PM] 
@carynputman: No doubt the Indian market is still behind the US and Europe when it comes to 3D printing knowledge but it is growing fast. In the last 8 months alone we have seen a huge growth in the number of startups in this field — everything from making their own 3D printers to selling raw material. It’s still young but the future is bright and we wanted to get in nice and early :simple_smile:


Siddharth [5:06 PM]
Thanks @joel we spent a lot of time on it! All of the pictures and products were made in-house. My designers will be pleased to hear you liked it!

Dhiraj Kunder [5:07 PM] 
Are your products limited to a certain dimension. I have heard claims of constructing a building and customized cars.

Siddharth [5:10 PM] 
@dheiru: Hi Dhiraj. Haha our products are definitely limited to a much, much smaller size! There are international firms doing amazing things with construction and China has already put up some buildings — but it is probably still some time away from being used widely. There are a couple of companies making cars — but frankly they are prototypes and will remain so for a while. Still its exciting to see how far this technology is going!

Dhiraj Kunder [5:13 PM] 
True. If demand catches on the pricings may no longer be an issue. It may be the norm in future. And you are the pioneers in India. All the very best.

Divraj Jain [5:13 PM] 
Thanks guy’s for your questions and thanks @siddharth.sah , hope it was insightful !

Siddharth [5:14 PM] 
Thanks @divraj for organizing this!

Siddharth [5:15 PM]5:15
I’m always available here to chat if there anymore questions or you guys can also reach out at

Siddharth [5:16 PM]
Thanks all and please support us and like our page here — well as MakeWhale on Instagram! Cheers.