Divraj Jain [7:32 PM]
@abhishekg: & @goelv & @cajetan Thanks for doing this ! Can you tell us a bit about Tripnary and what your working on. (edited)

Divraj Jain [7:32 PM]
@channel: Please begin your question’s with Q:

Abhishek Ghuwalewala [7:36 PM]
Thanks for the question @divraj! Tripnary is a free iPhone app that helps you decide your next vacation based on your budget. We started building the app because we found that as leisure travelers, people were generally flexible about where they wanted to go, but constrained by the cost of getting there. So Tripnary is trying to fill that gap. We want to get you to the places you are interested in going at a price that works for you. (edited)

Abhishek Ghuwalewala [7:37 PM]7:37
Think of what we are doing as Pinterest meets Kayak

Divraj Jain [7:39 PM]
Q: You recently outlined how you went through a re-design at https://medium.com/tripnary-recommendations/when-we-launched-tripnary-v1-0-303852dde2de how did you guy’s choose your software stack / tools any reviews ? , folks like http://stacklist.com/ are definitely improving process for startups
Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts — Tripnary Recommendations
When we launched Tripnary v1.0 we went the extra mile to make sure we tracked every possible user interaction in the app… (144KB)
Sept 15th at 5:37 PM

Stacklist is a curated guide to the best tools for growth, featuring tools used and insights from by the most successful entrepreneurs.
Varun Goel
[7:42 PM]
Uploaded and commented on an image: Sneak Peak into what’s coming up for Tripnary
1 Comment
Our goal is to help you decide where to go on your next vacation based on your budget & bucket list. We know that 54% of leisure travellers do not have a destination in mind when they are booking travel and 85% of leisure travellers are sensitive to price. This is why we want to show you all the places you can go to which are on your bucket list within your budget.

Siddharth Menon [7:43 PM]
This is superb! Love the app

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You and Varun Goel reacted with

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Abhishek Ghuwalewala [7:43 PM]
We already had a software stack in place prior to the design and UX changes. On the server side, we are using Python/Django/MySQL, nginx, gunicorn. The front-end is obviously iOS/Objective-C. In addition to that we use several other tools on a daily basis to keep the Tripnary engine humming — Slack (team communication), Asana (project management), Box (files), Crashlytics (monitoring crashes), Mixpanel (analytics)

Varun Goel [7:44 PM]
@siddharth: thanks a lot!

Abhishek Ghuwalewala [7:44 PM]
Thanks @siddharth :simple_smile:

Arif Amirani [7:45 PM]
@abhishekg: Great looking product! Congrats! How many developers?

Abhishek Ghuwalewala [7:46 PM]
We have a team of 3 developers — 2 on the server-side and 1 on the client

Arif Amirani [7:46 PM]
@abhishekg: Hosted at?

Abhishek Ghuwalewala [7:47 PM]
@arif: We are hosted on Digital Ocean (http://www.digitalocean.com)

Abhishek Ghuwalewala [7:47 PM]
@arif: their pricing is very flexible and gets you started for just $5

Arif Amirani [7:47 PM]
@abhishekg: :simple_smile: I actually thought I was being formal asking that question, cause everyone is on AWS including us. Curiously why DO?

Devansh Doshi [7:48 PM]
What are the budget criteria for the trip ? I can travel goa in 20,000 as well as 1,00,000 for same number of days.

Abhishek Ghuwalewala [7:49 PM]
@arif: in addition to the cheap up front cost, they have a great dashboard and make things fairly simple for the average person to get started

Jeffery Axel [7:50 PM]
Q: What are 3 key metrics you guys track religiously , how are they looking post re-design ?

Abhishek Ghuwalewala [7:50 PM]
@arif: or said another way, DO let me get started setting up a server even when I had no clue what I was up to

Image for post
Image for post

Varun Goel [7:51 PM]
@devanshrising: Currently the only criteria the budget applies to it is the cost of flight from where you are to where you want to go to. We want to get to a point where we can show you a fully loaded cost of travel which includes hotels, flights, rentals etc but we decided to start on air fares.

Arif Amirani [7:51 PM]
@abhishekg: Thanks! How long was the development cycle until MVP?

Arif Amirani [7:52 PM]
@abhishekg: funded? planning to raise? do you have advisors on board? planning to get advisors on board? the usual

Image for post
Image for post

Abhishek Ghuwalewala [7:53 PM]
@jeffaxel: One of the key metrics we track is what we call ‘flight exits’. This is the number of people that went into Skyscanner’s flight booking page after seeing a fare on the app. We are seeing a very nice uplift in this post the re-design. This gives us some comfort that we are on the right track.
In addition to this, we also track the % of new users that do ‘flight exits’ and of course retention week-to-week (DAU/MAU).

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Abhishek Ghuwalewala [7:55 PM]
@arif: We consider Tripnary v1.0 our MVP. In general we got the product built in about 12 weeks.

Abhishek Ghuwalewala [7:57 PM]
@arif: Tripnary is angel-funded. We are raising another round seed round. We have Nick Vivion, AVP of Zomato on board as an advisor. He was a travel entrepreneur and also wrote about travel startups at Tnooz for several years.

Varun Goel [7:59 PM]
Guys, let me flip this around .. in the B2C space it is very important to have some kind of growth hack baked into your product, either directly or indirectly.. we have been thinking about this a lot and we want to make it easier for users to shop for flights given a budget.. in your experience what growth hacks have worked and what can we leverage ?

Abhishek Ghuwalewala [8:00 PM]

Image for post
Image for post

Arif Amirani [8:05 PM]
@goelv: (mandatory GH word) Gamification!

Image for post
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Divraj Jain [8:05 PM]
Q: Are you guy’s doing any App Store Optimization + work on getting featured by Apple , it’s double edge sword before product / market fit ?

Arif Amirani [8:07 PM]
@goelv: Who are your closest competitors from your perspective?

Varun Goel [8:08 PM]
@divraj: We’ve been doing ASO since day 1.. you can always make improvements to ASO.. what we have learnt is that in the travel space there are a tonnes of apps and for some popular keywords even if we do really well we are in the outside the top 10 which makes it very hard for tripnary to found organically

Abhishek Ghuwalewala [8:11 PM]
@arif: So we are in a unique spot, sitting at the intersection of bookmarking and booking. For bookmarking there are apps like Evernote and Pinterest and on the booking side there is Expedia, Kayak, and the rest of the lot. We haven’t found any established products that do what we do. However there are some smaller startups like Eighty app, Corner, etc. that are beginning to do something similar.

Divraj Jain [8:12 PM]
@goelv: on GH — Have you guy’s tried referral’s http://mave.io/ looks like a good product to give a shot ?
A drop-in viral invite page iOS SDK w/ suggested contacts

Varun Goel [8:13 PM]
@divraj: yes it is very much a double edged sword.. Apple in all likelyhood will not feature you again (especially if the first time you get featured something is not up to the mark).. we have been able to get feedback from the team on the app store and have been working on their suggestions/improvements.. some of which are already shipped with Tripnary v1.5

Divraj Jain [8:16 PM]
yeah great post by MG Siegler https://500ish.com/avoid-the-feature-f031a42e9e71
Avoid the Feature — 500ish Words
Early on, all those downloads are not your friend (106KB)
Aug 15th at 5:44 AM

Image for post
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Divraj Jain [8:17 PM]
Thanks guy’s for your questions and thanks again @abhishekg @goelv , hope it was insightful !

Varun Goel [8:17 PM]
@divraj: no we haven’t looked into referral sdk yet. will check out what you suggested

Image for post
Image for post


Varun Goel [8:18 PM]
@divraj: thanks for having us!

Varun Goel [8:18 PM]
And thanks for the questions, you guys ROCK!

Abhishek Ghuwalewala [8:19 PM]
Thanks @divraj for hosting us. This was a lot of fun. Thanks for all the questions.

If you would like to continue the conversation, you can find me on email at abhishekg@tripnary.com and on twitter @abhishekg. Tripnary is also on twitter @tripnary and on instagram http://instagram.com/tripnary. Please follow us there!

Image for post
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Arif Amirani [8:29 PM]
@abhishekg: Once again congrats and best of luck for your future and to a billion dollar valuation! (edited)

Arif Amirani [8:30 PM]
@abhishekg: make us proud!

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