Why Commercial Roof Cleaning Is Important to Your Business

3 min readNov 29, 2019

As a business owner, routine building maintenance should be a priority. As well as providing a solid foundation for your team, necessary building maintenance provides a warm welcome for clients. Commercial roof cleaning comes under building maintenance, to ensure that there are no cracks or bumps damaging your property’s foundation.

By skipping out on commercial roof cleaning, you are skipping out on potential health and safety hazards. Therefore, it is important to include roof cleaning in your scheduled priorities. See why below.

Health & Safety

Prioritising routine building maintenance will help to keep your business within health and safety policies. It will reduce mould build up, prevent leaks, minimise cold drafts and keep your building structure standing strong. Helping your employees to benefit from a safe and hygienic place of work, for reduced sickness and injuries.


Just like your business, to get the most out of your commercial roof, it needs the right care and attention. Therefore, to achieve its maximum life expectancy, keep it clean. This will help to keep it at a lower surface temperature to protect the roof membrane and lower energy consumption.

Clean Away Moisture

Too much moisture is one of the biggest risks for your commercial roof. By enforcing routine roof cleaning, it will wipe away debris and leaves. Otherwise, certain debris can absorb water and will consequently blister and split flat roofs. Metal roofs will also be less likely to rust when cleaned regularly.

In addition, by wiping away any possible fuel sources, you are reducing the risk of a fire.

Exposing Damage

During your routine building maintenance, you may also come across bumps or cracks in your commercial roofing foundation. This will need to be attended to quickly, to avoid leaks or further damage. If you have had a leak or mysterious odour in your property, a damaged roof may be the problem.

Welcoming Visitors

When welcoming potential clients to your premises, it is important to make an excellent first impression. The look and cleanliness of your building can set this first impression, before you even get to speak. Even though roofing isn’t he most visible part of a building, it’s cleanliness can affect the rest of the property. Greet clients with a welcoming reception area and a hot drink, not leaks and a cold draft.

Commercial Roof Cleaning Services

Professional roof cleaning for commercial properties needs to be done with time, patience and the right equipment. Ramora offer a complete roof cleaning service, including roof repairs and moss removal. We have the tools and expertise to complete any roof cleaning project, with professionalism and quality results. To enquire, visit our website or call 0844 800 2428.




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