The Present and Future McFarlane Toys Digital XP System (May 2023)

3 min readMay 18, 2023

As we prepare for major announcements and updates in the McFarlane Toys Digital ecosystem, we wanted to take this time to explain the current XP system in its entirety, as well as some future updates you can look forward to. Needless to say, acquiring XP is going to be a massive part of our ecosystem going forward, and you can use this guide to help you maximize XP earnings.

How to Start Earning XP

This is the most important first step! Download the McFarlane Toys Digital Viewer App from for your PC or Mac, create an account, and connect your wallet using the Manage Wallets tab in the app.

XP earnings are calculated and distributed in regular intervals, and you will see your XP earnings every time you log in. You can also see your current Seasonal and Lifetime XP earnings in your profile.

Now, let’s discuss the current XP systems…

Holding Collectibles

Holding each collectible rewards XP every day, based on the floor price of its collection. The higher the floor price of the collection, the more XP every holder of that collection earns daily.

Higher rarity collectibles receive a bonus multiplier on their daily XP rewards. Common collectibles earn +0x, Rare earns +0.5x, Epic earns +1x, Legendary earns +2x, Exotic earns +0.1x for every collectible in your collection.

For example, if the floor price of a collection is 100, the Common rarity collectible in the collection earns 100 XP per day, Rare: 150 XP, Epic: 200 XP, Legendary: 300 XP, Exotic: 100 XP + 10 XP for every collectible in your collection.

Additionally, the 10% lowest mint numbers in each SKU in a collection earn extra an additional +0.25x XP. The lowest mint number is based on the number in the collection name, not the token ID. As an example, if there are 1000 pieces of a specific SKU in a collection, the lowest 100 mint numbers earn the low mint bonus XP.

Purchasing Collectibles

Earn 2500 XP every time you purchase a collectible on the primary market. When you purchase on the secondary market, you earn XP equivalent to 6x your purchase price of the collectible.

Other Systems

Earn 50 XP once each day you log into the app. Earn 10 XP the first time you visit another user’s showroom each day. Earn 30 XP the first time another user visits your showroom each day.

Coming Soon…

The biggest major change that will be coming later this Summer is XP bonuses for completing full sets. This will be a large bonus, and likely require rebalancing the entire XP system. Our goal with this is to make set completion one of the best ways to maximize your XP earning.

Further down the line, we will deliver new backend systems that will allow us to reward XP for physical toy purchases. These are steps on our journey to make McFarlane Toys Digital the hub for all of our Physical and Digital collectors.