My Conclusion

Don’t have a more suitable title. I know my first post should start with something that depicts the beginning, numero uno and stuff like that but my current mood says ‘My conclusion’ is just the perfect topic.

What exactly is she concluding on? Wait on it fam.

I am at a point in my life where i am trying to figure out a lot of things with the help of God and men. Sometimes, i want to throw in the towel, go melancholy and just cave in….. but i have come to realize that the answer to all of my questions, the solutions to all of my problems, the perfect response to all of my cravings starts with me. (and obviously GOD).

And so i have decided to work on MY MIND — the one factory that has the ability to generate billions of USD but i am underutilizing, the idea hub that can create multi-zillion dollar idea but i have refused to tap into it. I am not only renewing my mind but i am expanding it and making it work for me in positive ways.

I like to tell myself 2017 is just snail walking but in reality 2017’s speed is just like that of a Ferrari, no chill! Its speed is quite fast and furious. I don’t want to be left behind.

I have decided to live and enjoy every moment taking it one day at a time, neither getting weighed down by the thoughts of yesterday nor lost by the realities of tomorrow.

I have concluded to LIVE, LEARN, LOVE, LISTEN, LAUGH and do a lot of cool stuff that start with L. I think you should too. This is just one of my many conclusions but it is the beginning of my other conclusions.

Thank you for reading.