Brownian Decision Making

From NO to YES (and the back & forth)

Usually the stories told to inspire have the same pattern: you find an idea, then your brain sets the obstacles and sometime you decide to get rid of the NO and grab on to the YES. From there, everything falls into place and you do “IT”, it makes you fulfilled and gives you something to be proud of. Say you want to walk the El Camino, but you hold on to the NO for various reasons: you’re not in good shape, you don’t think you’ll have the necessary funds or equipment, you don’t know anything about hiking. And then one day, you realize you will do it and YES becomes your best friend. Sounds simple, right?

But what about oscillating between NO and YES? Come to think of it, I don’t remember hearing or reading about it that much, I’d allot maybe 10% of the inspirational storytelling to actually cover this.

Making decisions has been always a complex process for me, since before I can even remember. And when I first learned about the Brownian Motion, I think a “click” went in my head: so you get to the same point, but processes or paths can differ. And so it’s life. Whether it’s about purchasing decisions or life changing ones (like career moves), when things like comfort and fear come along, you’re going to at least want to shift from the newly found YES to the old NO, even if it’ll be just to re-validate your YES.

So how come not that many people talk about their doubts or about the fact that one can go back and forth until the very last second possible?

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