One of the new topics of the Bulgarian Web Summit, which will be held on 14th of April in Sofia, Bulgaria, is using the web for making healthcare even more advanced.

You might not believe it, but with technologies such as WebRTC, Google Firebase, React and other javascript languages that any developer knows, we can make miracles in the healthcare industry.

Since 2004 we, at the Bulgaria Web Summit, are showing the latest trends in back-end and front-end programming, user experience, design, security. And this year we will put the eHealth in the mix.

Come and see speakers Neven Boyanov…

You might know that one of the coolest speakers from Amazon, Max Amordeluso, is coming to speak at Bulgaria Web Summit 2018 and to teach all of us how and more importantly why to create Alexa skills.

Alexa, say hello Sofia.

I am sure you know a lot about Alexa, but in short, this is an AWS based voice service available on tens of millions of devices from Amazon and third-party device manufacturers. With Alexa, you can build natural voice experiences that offer customers a more intuitive way to interact with the technology they use every day. …

No, these are not just hot keywords, but also topics from our event:

Talk by Jessica Jordan: Testing against Time in JavaScript Applications.

Jessica Jordan

As the applications we write tests against grow more complex we might stumble into testing errors stemming from asynchronous and time-dependent behaviour. This talk will characterize several roadblocks in testing which are affected by time. With an example Ember.js application, we will explore how Ember’s rich testing API, newest JavaScript features and community libraries, will help us writing legible and reliable tests and how we can make those tests turn green even as time passes by.

Talk by Asim Hussain: How to hack a node app?

Every year we, at Bulgaria Web Summit, receive at least ten sponsorship proposals that start with something similar to “we want someone from our team to speak at your event.” and we deny them.

Honestly, in the past, we were open to such proposal, because we needed the sponsorship money.

But we stopped that almost immediately and here is why very shortly:

  • Most of the time, these talks are not about the technologies, but for company’s achievements.
  • There were not so marketing anyway, but they were not attractive to the general public.
  • The time slot we could use for something…

Year after year Bulgaria Web Summit is evolving into something different and beautiful. One of the reasons why is to keep our attendees interested, but the primary goal is to follow the trends and to react to them in order to ensure that you will get the best out of our event.

This year we will put even more focus on the User Experience. We don’t like to call people users because this is something against our beliefs, but this is how the industry recognizes the term anyhow.

If you are working/interested in the area, you know even better than…

More than 650 attendees from all over Europe will be discussing the future of web technologies.

The latest edition of Bulgaria Web Summit will be held in Sofia on 20th of February at Inter Expo Centre.

The event, in its 11th year of existence, brings together web visionaries, professionals, amateurs and students to discuss the technologies, platforms and business models we should be using to launch the next generation of successful web apps.

Here are some of the speakers who will be talking at the event, which will be taking place in 4 different room simultaneously:

Robert Nyman — ex-Mozillian, now part of Google Nordics, will come back to Bulgaria and talk about The Web —…

This year we want to start a new free service for everyone who wants to find a new job or to be a better professional without changing their job.

What’s in for you?

We have compiled a special newsletter with great news about:

  • Open positions in strictly selected Bulgarian IT companies (you will not have to browse every day, just read our mail)
  • Open positions in even more strictly selected international companies that have remote positions open. How cool is that?
  • Tools and techniques that can help you to be a better pro — time management, agile, etc — without the boring stuff
  • Fun

How do I sign up?

When I talk to sponsors and even to friends about the Summit, they always ask me what makes our event different.

So here’s the secret:

We started this event 12 years ago (under a different name) as an effort to create something amazing and affordable for IT guys in Bulgaria. At the same time we never compromise with quality. The main purpose of the event is for our attendees to learn new things, which they can apply in their work on the very next day and to return the “investment” they have made in the conference.


In most of the…

Bulgaria Web Summit 2018

Front-end, Back-end, UX, Design, Privacy, eHealth, WebVR, IoT and Ethereum professionals and amateurs under one roof. Sofia, 14 April, 2018

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