Bulgaria Web Summit 2016 hits Sofia in February

More than 650 attendees from all over Europe will be discussing the future of web technologies.

The latest edition of Bulgaria Web Summit will be held in Sofia on 20th of February at Inter Expo Centre.

The event, in its 11th year of existence, brings together web visionaries, professionals, amateurs and students to discuss the technologies, platforms and business models we should be using to launch the next generation of successful web apps.

Here are some of the speakers who will be talking at the event, which will be taking place in 4 different room simultaneously:

Robert Nyman — ex-Mozillian, now part of Google Nordics, will come back to Bulgaria and talk about The Web — What it Has, What it Lacks and Where it Must Go.

Josette Garcia — a great community manager with more than 20y of experience will be talking about the good and the bad sides of the current web communities. Usually Josette is behind a booth in most of the most awesome conferences in the world, now she will be from the other side — speaking and enchanting.

Nikolay Alexiev, who works for Microsoft is coming back to his native Bulgaria — especially for the event and to tell us about his work on Bing and Satori — the new Knowledge Graph engine.

Colin Charles, will be flying from Malaysia, to talk about the latest version of Maria DB and he will be a part of the special DB stream where other databases, such as MammothDB, RocksDB and LivnoDB will also be discussed.

In the spirit of the conference’s tradition this year again there will be a very successful team who will share their experience — the honour this year is Algolia’s. They will be having a live coding session, showing their search API capabilities while having fun.

If you want to experience an unique event atmosphere and to enjoy the espresso bar, the gifts from our partners, the party and the beautiful city of Sofia, visit our website — http://bulgariawebsummit.com — get a ticket and learn more about the rest of the speakers and the topics.

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