We offer a solution that combines the benefits of accessible and profitable rewards for everyone. Our automated rebalancing solution allows the protocol to stay hedged in both Bull and Bear market conditions. This rebalancing feature allows you to eliminate the need for FOMO Buying and Panic Selling.

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Bull market is live! $BBH airdrop is coming!

Yes, BullBear Hope is giving rewards over Bull market because BullBear never sleep! Hope is given during Bear market and Rewards are given during Bull run. Wants to earn more? Follow BullBear Hope now!

BullBearHope is a hyper-rebalancing decentralized finance (DeFi) with an automated hybrid hedge protocol that wants to Green-Up your portfolios and NOW, airdrops are given to all #BullBearian!

Airdrop will be executed by 1st Dec 2021. Every user is eligible for 500,000 #BBHairdrop
Submit your info and BSC address here to claim the airdrop: https://bullbearhope.finance/airdrop/