How to participate in Bulleon ICO, Step 1 — Install Metamask

To get started, open your browser and type, ‘Metamask’… then click this link to go to

Now, the MetaMask browser extension turns Google Chrome into an Ethereum browser, and you can install it in either Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or the new Brave browser.

For this tutorial, we are going to get the “Google Chrome Extension”. So, let’s go ahead and click, “Get Chrome Extension” to go to that page.

Now, this “Add to Chrome” button may look slightly different depending on the browser you’re using, but it’s usually in the upper right corner of the screen. Simply hit that button. then “Add extension” to install the extension.

You’ll know the installation is complete when you see the “MetaMask Logo” appearing in your browser toolbar.

So, let’s go ahead and click on that Logo… then read through and accept their Privacy Policy, as well as the Terms of Use.

Next, we need to set a password for your MetaMask Wallet. So enter a password, then re-enter to confirm and click, ‘Create’.

After creating your MetaMask vault, you will be presented with a mnemonic phrase or seed. This list of words will store all the information needed to recover your MetaMask wallet, so please save it somewhere safe and secret.

If your computer breaks or your hard drive becomes corrupted, you must have this backup phrase in order to download the same wallet software again and get your funds back.

Once you’ve secured that information, simply click the relevant button and…

Congratulations! Your MetaMask wallet is now ready for use.

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