How to participate in Bulleon ICO — Step 3

Now that you have Ether on your MetaMask wallet is set-up and ready for use, let’s go participate in the Bulleon ICO. To do that, open up your browser and navigate to

Next, click the“JOIN ICO NOW!” button to go to the Registration page, then fill in the registration form with you name and email address, then submit the form.

Bulleon will send a verification email with further instructions on how to participate in the Bulleon ICO, to the email address you signed up with. So, head over to your inbox to view that email.

Remember to check your spam of junk mail folder further if it’s not in your inbox, then click the “Click Here to Participate” button to continue.

Next, read through and confirm the Terms & Conditions, then hit the “I agree” button.

Now let’s go ahead and click on “GET BULLEON”, then copy this smart-contract address: 0x0267ee183beebdb7f931afe41e4e25352195b871

From here, let’s click on the “MetaMask Extension Icon” to go to your MetaMask account. Click ‘Send’, then paste the ICO smart-contract address in the “Recipient Address” field.

Enter the amount of the ETH you want to participate in the Bulleon ICO… and click ‘NEXT’. Set the “Gas price” field to 40, and click “Submit”.

Congratulations! You have now participated in Bulleon ICO and the tokens have automatically been transferred to your ETH wallet.

If you would like BLN to appear in the MetaMask wallet, you’ll need add the Custom Token on your wallet. Here’s how to do that.

Navigate to the bottom of the “ICO Contribution” page… and copy the Token Contract address:


Next, open your MetaMask and click the ‘Tokens’ tab… then click “Add token”. Paste the Token Contract address in the “Token Contract address” field, write to “Token Symbol” field: “BUL” and click ‘ADD’.

Now restart your browser, and MetaMask will reflect the BUL token balance on the ‘Tokens’ tab of your ETH wallet.

Congratulations! Now you are a happy Bulleon owner and shareholder! Bulleon as a currency is a shareholder’s certificate with voting rights, and the right to receive dividends from Bulleon’s operating income. You can also trade your BLN-tokens on the exchanges where Bulleon is currently listed.