Visitors enter the Bullock Museum’s Rotunda at the start of our monthly H-E-B Free First Sunday program.

Families Matter at the Bullock Museum

Did you know that more than 40 families move to the Austin area every day? San Marcos, Cedar Park, and Georgetown — three of the country’s fastest-growing cities — are located within 30 miles of the Bullock Museum and the City of Austin itself gained more residents than any other city with a population under one million in 2013. Families are the fastest-growing group of museum visitors looking to discover their place in Texas’s diverse culture.

Families enjoy hands-on activities at the Museum’s 15th Anniversary Celebration.

Bullock Museum family programs truly serve the entire family from toddler, to parent, grandparent, or other caregiver. Our programs aren’t “drop-off,” they are “drop-in,” making both child and adult key players in the group experience of exploring, engaging, and discovering.

Why? Because we know that kids whose parents actively engage in their learning, particularly in out-of-school learning experiences, learn better. Because no matter what your age, understanding how you are connected to the world around you helps you better understand yourself. Because even though tweens will tell you differently, learning as a group is more fun!

Need somewhere to start? Whether coming for a scheduled program or a spur-of-the-moment trip, consider one of these “Top 5” to do with your family at the Museum.

5. Grab a map.

As you start your visit, check out the plan of all the galleries (we’ve got 3 floors with more than 40,000 square feet of space that includes Texas History Galleries and Special Exhibitions!) to orient your group. Let each family member — adults and children alike — pick one destination they would like to explore on your visit.

The AT-6 “Texan” greets visitors in the Museum’s 3rd floor Texas History Galleries.
Visitors get up close to the 17th century shipwreck La Belle.

Imagine a place where you can see a World War II airplane, the remains of shipwreck, a scaled version of the Alamo and more. The Bullock Museum is an excellent destination for those kids who like to see big stuff and those that like to focus on the details, like ancient trade beads and signatures of notable Texans. Either way, your family is sure to feel the importance of the Story of Texas.

4. Get blown away in the Texas Spirit Theater.

This theater experience is filled with fun special effects, and your kids will talk about it for years! Discover the Story of Texas with the Star of Destiny film or delve in deep to the story of a family on the ship La Belle in Shipwrecked. We schedule shows throughout the day so there’s always one that fits within your visit.

Storytimes, hands-on activities, photo booths, and characters right out of Texas history are all a part of the family experience at the Bullock Museum.

3. Use your eyes and your hands.

Need something to occupy small hands? Consider printing out a short activity or bringing paper and pencil to help everyone remember their visit. Don’t forget, artifacts leave and come into the Bullock Museum frequently — so there is always the opportunity to find something new.

2. Take a break.

Walking through so much Texas history can give adults and kids alike a case of the wiggles. Make sure to schedule time for an IMAX® film, trip to the Museum store, or just a good spin around our Lone Star Plaza during your visit.

Visitors can relax with a snack and take in an IMAX® documentary or first run feature on the biggest screen in Texas.

1. Search and Play.

What speaks to you? The Bullock Museum is filled with special objects. Use all your senses to discover connections to Texas history. Play a game like “I Spy,” “20 Questions,” or “The Alphabet Game.” Look around and focus on a color, shape, or unique characteristic. Your family can take turns seeking out artifacts and playing these games. Then, you can take a closer look at the objects you’ve spotted and discover their stories.

Everyone who visits makes their own mark on the Story of Texas.

We hope you’ll join us at the Bullock Museum and find your own place in Texas’s rich heritage.