The Truth About Telling the Teacher

Bullying can be solved alone, but teacher support is helpful. We also need to know that teachers don’t see everything. They can sometimes be preoccupied with another situation or have their back turned to the class and not see a bullying incident. We’re going to list the safest way to talk to the teacher about bullying without worsening your situation. Before we get into that, below are two elements that scare kids away from confessing to teachers:

  • Telling and tattling: Young children are often accused of tattling if they tell the teacher about another student’s behaviour. It’s crucial your child knows the difference between telling and tattling.
  • Making the Situation Public: Children are scared that the teacher will address the entire class instead of handling the situation privately.

As parents, make sure you understand these two concerns because it’s what most likely is stopping your child from openly communicating with their teacher. Listed below, is how you can safely execute a conversation with a teacher.

· Ask the teacher to talk: If the teacher often sees students at their desk, then walk up and have a private conversation there. If the teacher doesn’t have discussions at her desk, it might be safer to find them in the hall or once everyone is cleared out of class. Make sure you set up a moment to meet where it is just the two of you.

  • Make clear you want the conversation private: This is important. Tell the teacher that this conversation is between you and her before they have the chance to address the class. This should be the first thing you say.
  • Let her know you have mom and/or dad’s support: Teachers hear complaints a hundred times a day. “Andy pushed me!” “Martha’s bullying me!” Letting them know your parents support you makes them take you seriously.
  • List the behaviours: Telling you teacher someone is bullying you and leaving it at that won’t get you anywhere. List the exact behaviours and incidents that you label as bullying. Then, you can make the claim you are being bullied.
  • Calmly: Keep your voice calm and your body still. Fidgeting and shouting might make the teacher not take you seriously.

At this point, it’s up to the teacher to do their job. They might ask for your parents to come in. They might just call the bully in. They might want you and the bully at the same time. What they do depends on the teacher. Remember, they’re people too. Everyone deals with things differently, but with these steps you can maximize your rate of success, and Be Brave!