I just typed a whole page and deleted it all because I didn’t like how it was sounding. I’m not going to try to be poetic, I am just going to write. Today was a low day. I was feeling sorry for myself and was pushing away the people who cared the most about me which didn’t get me anywhere. I shut down. I was told my someone who really cares about me to start trying because everyone else already is. Meaning I try to improve but I shut down when I fail. “Have some respect for your own fight because everyone else does”. That’s what I’m going to do. I don’t know if I can succeed, but I am going to keep pushing forward until I do. This isn’t about not giving up on my Olympic archery dream, or the goal of moving out as soon as possible, or even doing something really cool and out of the box with my life. This is about not giving up on me.