Self-Hatred Cake Recipe

If someone asked me to describe what self-hatred is like,

I would describe it as a cake,

That may be confusing being that cake is normally desired,

But I must be more specific,

This cake is bitter,

The batter a thick mixture of broken hearts,

Combined with strong coffee,

In attempt to drown the despair from the soul,

With gallons of teardrops soaking the pillow,

Held together by regret that made for sleepless nights,

This then disguised by pounds of make-up,

Cold to the touch,

Resembling the transformation from a heart,

Into ice,

Sculpted by weeping until no more tears would come,

Incorporating motivation that has fallen through the cracks,

Blended with cast away dreams,

Forever vanished from existance,

A pinch of salt that stings the wound,

Unable to be mended,

A constant reminder you can’t put a cast on your heart,

Even though it hurts infinities more than a broken bone,

Decorated with a smile for everyone to see,

No one wants someone who can’t even love themselves,

Garnished by mirrors,

So you can circumvent your reflection,

To prevent the sickening anxiety that manifests inside,

If a tragic event was to occur,

You could call this the cherry on top of this self-hating cake,

Better known as,

A razor blade.

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