Quantstamp. Yes, I Have Heard About It But…

If you are into crypto and ICO you probably have already heard about Quantstamp and even the new thing they call proof-of-caring (sounds familiar — remember proof-of-concept?). Maybe you have even joined their extremely fast-growing Telegram channel (6500+ members, and still growing, in a matter of days), posted some Memes there, invited your friends, laughed a little bit at the good ideas … if you are able to follow along.

I have been there… done that.

Everything so far is fine but…

Yes, there’s always a “”but”…

…but do we really know what Quanstamp is and what they stand for?

Quantstamp are here to provide not just another ICO that you can flip and make x2, x3 and so forth. They are here to fill-in a gap that seems wider and deeper with the exponential growth of cryptocurrencies and therefore the exponential growth of smart contracts utilization.

Quantstamp will bring an automated auditing process that will insure the security throughout the smart contracts on the Etherium platform and hopefully will be eventually directy integrated there. Let’s face it — nowadays, besides Bitcoin, both Etherium (obviously) — second largest market capitalization — and almost all altcoins use Etherium. Further to that, a human effort to find bugs/ security flaws will be rewarded and we all know that history/ machine learning/ AI have proven that best results are achieved when machines work TOGETHER with humans (at least for now :) ).

The system will provide scalable and transparent auditing solution.

As of the team — you cannot ask for more: ex-amazon, ex-google guys, ex-Department of National Defense, advisors from Facebook, 100s of citations, etc.

So today I was thinking — yes, we all want to ride the wave of cryptocurrencies, the hype generated there, the potential profits and utilize smart contracts in both our personal and business lives. If possible we all would like all this to happen in a split-of-a-second — not much interaction on our side. So we join ICOs, exchanges, upload our personal data (ID/ Passport/ Personal address/ digital wallet address etc.); and it seems we do not think fully about the potential consequences that can very well be positive with this hype but many times (and for many people) can be devastating. As the history has proven (remember DAO?)

So let’s remove the “BUT” and put together what is more than a sound team, a great idea and the proof-of-caring innovation but in a stream so that it heads and flows into improvement of our lives… not today or in a month but in the long run and for those that are to come after us. Because as far as it seems — crypto and smart contracts are here to stay… for good!