for the 3rd time.

I still cried and got goosebumps at some parts like other times. But this time I noticed more about how the story were told. And that became one of the most beautiful thing I’d ever realized in my life.

The story is logic-less.

Mitty still receives calls from Cheryl and gets motivation from her, no matter where he is. Sometimes I think he didn’t really talk to Cheryl via phone but Cheryl in his mind. Like the scene Cheryl sang Space Oddity for him and got him mindlessly jump on the helicopter, probably her image in Mitty’s mind gave him courage. Because he thought of her, he’s not alone on his journey. Isn’t it beautiful?

Mitty traveled to Greenland, Iceland and other lands without waiting for any visa. Why? Because the soundtrack has been played and he just can’t stop while the song keeps going on? Maybe. That’s a powerful soundtrack though. Or maybe when we really aim at something, any obstacle seems invisible. There’s always a way (which has nothing related to any governmental office) that keeps us going on. This is such a positive message.

By some mean, Todd the staff of eHarmony can always keep Mitty in contact, though he’s in other countries or even on Himalayas. Firstly I think Todd is someone in Mitty’s imagination. But the man actually came and got Mitty released from airport security. Real or not, the way Todd follows Mitty’s adventure, both in seeking the #25 and in his crush with Cheryl, sees Mitty gradually enrich his life and finally meets him as a man that everyone admires, is beautiful itself.

Daydreaming is a good way.

Of talking to self. And it’s not a disease at all. First I laughed at Mitty’s daydreaming, then felt painful for him when he got bullied. But in the end I was thankful because he kept doing that. Daydreaming means his wonderful mind and braveness have always lived. They are there although Mitty gets stuck solving his daily problems. At least when he still can daydream, he’s not a person who accepts the present anyway. In a silent Mitty there’s still a kid with spontaneous ideas. Because he daydreams, we know he will do something reckless yet wonderful one day.

The film maker makes us swing between Mitty’s virtual and real life. In this way I think it describes Mitty the best.

— —

I believe it’s unnecessary to state how this movie motivates people to live more meaningful lives (most of which relate to quitting jobs then traveling). But when I keep watching it again and again, I learn more and get more from it than just emotions. Sometimes I perceive it differently and get another lesson.

For this time, one thing I got is: Not that I need to grab my backpack and get out there as soon as possible. It is that: Please, work hard everyday, wholeheartedly, just like Walter Mitty who dedicated years to negative assets department. Traveling, eventually, is not an escape but another the step of chasing the same goal you have always been chasing.