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The latest jewelry trends for that piercing you’ve dreamt about since high school can be found in the never-ending libraries of Crazy Factory. With over 1 million visitors per month, the eCommerce site offers thousands of quality products. Bunchcut jumped on the chance to chat to the team behind this flourishing enterprise: a group of creative thinkers in Switzerland with individualized tattoos, exceptional hair styles, and far-out body piercings. In this interview, we chatted with Benjamin Zimmerman, the Social Media Marketer and Model Scout behind Crazy Factory.

Tell us how Crazy Factory started? Who was the founder?

Thorsten Zimmermann, the founder, saw a market niche: delivering high quality, cheap body jewelry for the International market. To this day that’s exactly what we continue to deliver on.

What is your role in the company?

As part of the marketing department, I cover all social media activities, as well as planning newsletters, and scouting tattooed and pierced models for our website.

What is your team like?

We’re a crazy, young, dynamic, and social group of people who are not afraid to experiment.

Where do your customers originate from?

All over the world! Since Crazy Factory is an online store our customers range from all social groups and all ages. We believe that one is never too young or too old for a nose piercing.

Collectively how many piercings does your team have?

How many shells can be found on a beach?! What kind of a question is that? We’re all in this industry for our love of piercings…it’s endless!

What’s the most interesting, original, or unique piece of jewelry that Crazy Factory sells?

That’s hard to pinpoint because what is basic to one is unique to another and with over 80,000 different products we cater for all specific requirements and individual tastes and likes.

How do you think body piercings correlate with personal individuality?

That’s an easy one. Body piercings equal body, and it doesn’t get more personal than that. How one chooses to represent oneself in society using one’s physical appearance is just as interrelated as personality and character.

How did you find Bunchcut?

Bunchcut was recommended by a team meeting. The team was searching for the easiest way to share all of our ideas, and we were thrilled to discover Bunchcut. It’s the best platform we’ve come across.

What do you use Bunchcut for?

We use Bunchcut on a daily basis to share individual ideas with the rest of our team and to get overall consensus on what team members like or dislike.

What were you using or doing before Bunchcut?

Oh, it was crazy! We basically printed off ideas and the paper load became so intense that some days you couldn’t see your teammates from the mountains of paper on our tables. Also, I must add that we are very environmentally conscious and all the paper usage was weighing heavily on our conscience.

Why Bunchcut?

Since our team and business associates are scattered all over the world, using Bunchcut, an online collaboration platform, helps save time and prevents miscommunication. In summary, Bunchcut is easy to use, time efficient, and — our favorite — NO MORE PAPER MOUNTAINS!

Would you recommend Bunchcut for other businesses?

Definitely! We have already.

Check out all Crazy Factory has to offer here.

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