How Bungalow Is Disrupting Residential Real Estate

Think big. Like, the first home microwave oven to hit the markets. The first call made on a Motorola cell phone. The Apple1 computer release date by the popular tech giant we all know today. The Sony Walkman, Microsoft Windows 95, Amazon Echo….the list goes on. Yes, these are all common tech gadgets shaping the way we go about our normal routines that help make our lives just a little bit easier. But what if someone told you something bigger was in the works. And no, it’s not the next bot designed to be your own personal assistant, but much more of a necessity than that. At Bungalow we’re reimagining what it means to live, to share, to explore.

Millennials are quickly changing the face of real estate.

Millennials are living in a time of deep opposition and disconnect. While half seem to pose beyond their means, traveling the world and posting envy-seeking Instagrams, the other half struggles with overdrafting and endless student loans. The connection between various millennial lifestyles has been forgotten — we’re all living in expensive cities, with expensive rent, and, for most, the “do it for the Instragram” lifestyle just isn’t cutting it anymore.

What if there was a concept you could be a part of that would enrich your lifestyle with what truly matters — connections with new friends, an understanding of a great location, and an enhanced lifestyle with humanity at the forefront?

The concept is called Bungalow, and it’s right in your backyard. Literally.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of why Bungalow is the next “SoHo House” for millennials moving into new cities, let’s back up a little. Ever since the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Silicon Valley’s companies have disrupted some of the biggest markets. It started with eBay and Craigslist, disrupting the classified ad space. Uber followed the uproar shortly after with the key to innovative transportation. And boom, domino effect. We are all aware of Airbnb’s rivalry between major online travel agencies and hotel companies. Recently, WeWork, has also begun to check off commercial real estate. Although these big names differ by industry and size, these companies have one thing in common: they disrupted traditional thinking and business models and went after key behavioral and attitudinal trends that consumers have adopted over the decades. But there’s one area in the real estate market that no one has delved into yet. That’s where Bungalow comes in. And we’re already well on our way.

Bungalow’s mission? It’s simple: to take the daily hassle out of leasing, giving you more time to do the things you’re passionate about. We’ve all been through the agony of moving into a new apartment, and a move-in ready home sounds like an impossibility to much of the millennial population. Between full-time jobs and side hustles, none of us have time for storage unit rentals, U-haul pickups, or coordinating taskrabbits to build IKEA furniture that might literally take all day.

Stress no more! Bungalow offers beautifully furnished homes with super chic style, flexible 3–12 month leases, spacious bedrooms, and utilities all set up before your move-in date. If you walked into a living room with a flatscreen TV mounted on the wall and furniture designed like the inside of a Pottery Barn magazine, your reaction would be pretty close to those on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” and that’s what we’re aiming for.

And I’m saving the best for last….not only do we provide our residents with a “dream home,” but we also throw amazing events for our residents.. Each Bungalow home is its own community and cradle of activity, connecting you to an endless network of new friends and professionals in your city-wide community.

Bungalow is an early-stage venture backed company based in the heart of San Francisco. Bungalow’s mission is to establish great homes in the best locations, and to provide a foundation of community that allows anyone to settle into a new city.

We’re currently hiring for a Sales Development Representative at our HQ. This is a role that would be great for someone with excellent communication skills, willingness to roll-up their sleeves, paired with great execution, and a comfort with ownership and ambiguity.