440 Super Basic Icons to Help You Design Clean Interfaces.

Hello! Glad to present to you the Super Basic Icons ✶.

SBI is a set of high-quality symbols created especially to fit modern interfaces, websites, and applications.

SBI differs from most icon packs on the web with the ability to live edit stroke thickness and style — which is a real time-saver when you need to adapt any of your project icons to numerous sizes, products, or interface states.

All icons ✒ use a single line style and a 24px grid to relay sharp visual metaphors that are clear and simple to get.

For the best experience, the pack is divided by interface categories with a multi-tag name structure to help you find the right icon much quicker within the favorite design tool. …

Sketch app templates

A collection of resources for aspiring UI/UX Designers.

Hi! 👋
In this post, you will find useful templates to help you create well-known design components, such as tables, buttons, mockups, and charts, as well as assists in setting up typography and grid for your next project in Sketch.

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This collection is specially made for aspiring UI/UX designers and everyone interested in Sketch app basics functionalities in 2020.

Feel free to download, play, break, or use these bite-sized templates on your own design will.

If you enjoy any of this, you can support me by visiting the asset store. ♥️

Smart Buttons

The template includes two types of buttons: with and without an icon, both made using advanced Sketch features, such as smart layout, library styles and overrides. …

Sketch & Figma Tutorial

Tips and tricks on transferring a design kit from Sketch to Figma.

This guide is made due to a loud trend among product teams and designers, a transition from Sketch to Figma.

In this article, I want to highlight the common pitfalls and uncover several tips on how to seamlessly transfer your precious design assets from one excellent design tool to another.

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This article is brought to you by Buninux.com 🤘

Check out the latest project I’ve been working on, called Slice — it’s a super cool and useful design system for Sketch and Figma.

Why these tools? 🛠️

Sketch and Figma are great for creating UI and organizing components libraries. …


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