« Do you ever when you start your company talk about what kind of morals and ethics your company gonna have ? No you don’t talk about why, instead you talk about how you’re going to raise money and how you’re going to be successful. » (Peter Sunde)

Every day, a vast number of new VPN services appear, however the majority of those so called “innovative” services are similar. They claim to uphold standards of privacy, to be respectful of mankind, when they are in fact looking for easy money and spend most of their time on marketing operations and establishing partnerships. Some have even appeared on torrent websites… When I started to learn about VPN, I immediately noted that many of these services were shady, since they were legally registered in the Seychelles or in Panama, whereas they established their offices in other countries…

I am fortunate to live in Switzerland, a country politically neutral. Although this neutrality may be questioned in some aspects, the political one cannot be doubted in the sense that the Swiss people have to vote on each new law, even if it doesn’t always shield privacy such as the Federal Act on the Intelligence Service” (Loi fédérale sur le renseignement or “LRens” for short, in french), which is still not applicable, and luckily doesn’t seem to have any negative impact on VPN services.

Let us ask the main question: what makes BunkerVPN’s approach unique compared to other services? BunkerVPN’s purpose is twofold: first, to promote ethics in IT services; and secondly, to promote the protection of privacy. It is significant to state that BunkerVPN is politically active in order to achieve these goals and that this commitment can be seen in both technical aspects and its communication. BunkerVPN’s project is the opposite of the current trend of data-mining and free services hiding despicable secrets…

Because I couldn’t agree with various existing services that were tested, including a Swiss one, I decided to start my own ethical project, meaning one in harmony with my opinions and motivated by the desire of doing the right thing instead of trying to become a billionaire through the theft of user’s data.


Is it possible to have a service based on ethics? I don’t know, but I want to try and make it! Let’s remember that as of now everything is supposedly free, when users’ data are actually sold to advertisement firms so they could do some profiling or some other deed one cannot imagine, like this conference : build your own NSA. Furthermore, in this era of packs and promotions which all contain asterisks, sometimes hiding dark secrets, it became almost weird to say “you’re paying that price, we will offer you that service”.

We know that technology enforces privacy, thanks to cryptography, unfortunately it is insufficient. Regarding VPN, it is technically impossible to hide IP addresses connected to a VPN server. Even if said IP addresses aren’t stocked nor logged, it is our responsibility to prove our credentials and to create a relationship based on trust. This requires a complete independence, free of any marketing or business strategy. BunkerVPN is foremost a project committed to human values, instead of a commercial one aiming to make profit.


Such a project can’t exist without an opened space, where one can fully express himself. Because of this, I think it is essential to allow users to give their opinion on the service and use them to make technological improvements. Everything is still to be done and I still don’t know on which software to operate. This is why your ideas and suggestions are going to be given the utmost attention in order to continue developing BunkerVPN. What would you think of a Discourse forum? How about going back to the good old Phpbb or making a sub reddit? Maybe this is enough the way it is? Should some people have an opinion on the matter, please express yourselves via Mastodon, Twitter or directly through the contact page. I am listening to you.

During the beta version, the service is free, open and can be accessed here:


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