An Open Conversation with Jia Lissa and Why She Cannot Wait to Use BunnyToken

Most people would arrive with a plethora of preconceptions when they are heading to meet a porn star! I don’t use the word porn star with its many negative connotation, just a simple clarification of one’s job description. I headed to meet Jia Lissa with excitement. I had already written about her, seen her work, and couldn’t wait to hear her opinions on the industry, her career and BunnyToken.

At first sight I was stunned by her eye-catching natural beauty, I guess I did have the preconception that she would be heavily covered in makeup and dressed to impress, yet there she was with her flowing red hair and a simple black dress trying a new cocktail Alex Eikster had ordered for her at the restaurant. I was greeted with an equally enthusiastic attitude, she had read what I’d written about her on BunnyToken and loved it. So we were off to a great start.

Jia had just landed and was only staying for two days before heading off on a tour with several shoots lined up so we got straight into it. How does a young girl choose to get into porn? It’s simpler than one might think, growing up Jia admired porn stars and thought that they “can do anything and it makes them powerful” and playing in porn is one way of telling your story to the world.

“I make friends easily coz once you please yourself in the same room it’s easy to make a connection”

It’s not easy for everyone to understand comfort while performing sexual acts in such a public manner but take it from an insider “I make friends easily coz once you please yourself in the same room it’s easy to make a connection” I never thought of it this way and probably neither have you! It all stems down to loving what you do and Jia believes you should pursue everything 100%. Be the best at what you do even when the world judges it. “How can they blame you when you’re doing it with your full soul?” she said about society and negative opinions.

Truth of the matter is most people’s judgement is multilayered because beneath the hatred 103 billion dollars are being spent on porn consumption every year, that is aside from all the free porn being consumed across the net. So does the world really judge porn or is it just a mask everyone wears to fit in? In Jia’s experience people are more curious about the industry than we might think. “In the beginning [doing porn] was just my secret but then I opened up to my friends and they all started wanting to try it” she said about the same people who started off judging her. “[people] judge it but secretly they love it. Porn stars do something everyone else can only dream about it. They are the icons who affect the culture of every decade”.

This is a very surprising observation from a young girl, but Jia proved to be a very deep thinker with a very clear ideas about herself and her job, “I’m proud of everything I did and I’m not ashamed of anything” she told me from the very beginning, and added a phrase which truly impressed me and affected my view of many things “I say naked body equal naked soul”. That’s one way no one has ever described the porn industry with before.

“I say naked body equal naked soul”

A cosmic coincidence had Jia’s account closed on that same day I met her and it was the only complaint she’d made amidst her otherwise very pleasant and cheerful personality. It was tragically poetic and befitting the reason we were meeting; BunnyToken.

Jia explained that many big companies are afraid to trust the industry because of the stigmatized image it has. “There are many rumors and bad stories about it. People want to buy content and sellers want to sell it but they feel unsafe because there is no perfect payment solution and we all need it because every day it becomes even harder because it’s restricted and people don’t trust it”.

This leads to a highly unsafe environment where payments are not guaranteed and deals are not completed. “Safety is one of the most needed things in our industry. Many girls have to put their businesses on hold because they don’t have proper ways to get payments”.

Jia works in webcams and sells her own content as well so she knows both sides of the struggle. But she believes that things will change. “Blockchain is nowadays one of the newest and most successful and safe ways [for payments]. I trust it, I believe it’s the future”.

Beyond her personal needs Jia is excited to change the entire adult community “I chose to be part of BunnyToken because I want to help our community grow. We need to be a family to help each other and connect”.

As for using BunnyToken once it’s launched, Jia replied without any hesitation “I cannot wait!”

Join the BunnyToken community as we change payments of the adult industry forever. Initial Token Sale is live.