How Blockchain is Saving Anonymity

And the adult industry will benefit the most with BunnyToken

BunnyToken is bringing back anonymity to online transactions.

Anonymity is a far forgotten word nowadays. Online activities are tracked and stored and payments are recorded. Every online purchase can be traced back to its buyer. We live in a world where people can easily be identified by their buying habits.

This premise is unsettling at best and in some cases downright scary. This stands true for adult related purchases perhaps more than any other. Payments in the adult industry have pushed its value to more than a 100 billion dollars, yet this doesn’t mean marriages have not been broken and people have not been shamed because of their buying habits.

One credit card can be connected to many accounts; cable television, magazine subscription, electricity bill, iTunes account and so much more. All these interconnected accounts merge with a purchase of a whip from and a payment for premium content on The credit card statement comes home and the list includes everyday payments alongside little dirty ones! This scenario excludes the cases of public figures in the community whose payments can be intentionally exposed to cause distraught.

In 2009 the BBC news reported a public apology from the husband of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, because he had watched two pay-per-view adult films charging them to his wife’s expense form. The purchase was part of a mainstream cable TV package which allowed them to view all kinds of content including naughty movies. The record of these two adult movies created a mountain out of a molehill and a person was publicly humiliated for watching an adult movie in the privacy of his own home? Unfair, yet these things happen all the time.

The good news is that the adult industry may be finding a solution very soon, BunnyToken was launched this year. The company is building a payment platform powered by its own cryptocurrency, BUNNY, for all payments related to the adult industry. has an upcoming token sale between the 13th of March and 25th of May but it has already reached its soft cap in January through a private sale. As a payment solution on the blockchain where all transactions are cryptocurrency based, anonymity is 100% guaranteed. Anybody who chooses BunnyToken as their payment method can pay with BUNNY from any crypto wallet which supports ERC20 and rest assured that no personal or financial details are attached to the purchase.

The company will offer payments for all legal sectors of the industry; websites, adult webcam platforms, online sex shops, dating services and individuals. The platform is planned for release in early 2019.

Blockchain payments are resurrecting anonymity and allowing private and stress-free payments. BunnyToken is bringing this advantage to the adult industry, and based on the existing numbers of the industry coupled with the benefits of the platform, all signs indicate that BUNNY will be a long lasting and competitive cryptocurrency.

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