How BunnyToken will Stand Out in a Competitive Industry

Since the launch of the BunnyToken project we have been lucky to receive great support from the media, critics and investors. Of course we could not completely escape criticism, and over the past few months we have analyzed all the questions which were inevitably raised about BunnyToken’s ability to compete in such a steep market. Our answer is simple: we are not competing with anyone! That’s a crazy bold statement you might think, but take a minute and read our reasoning below.

Competing with major cryptos

Major cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum could be viewed as competitors to every altcoin, granted they could be an alternative currency to use in the adult industry, however, how many adult websites offer ETH or BTC as payment option? In the far future when cryptocurrencies become the mainstream for payments we may see BTC and ETH on every adult website, right now this is not the case. BunnyToken is already on the way to becoming the payment method for most adult websites.

BunnyToken is not trying to compete with Bitcoin or Ethereum, we are focusing on a very niche market. We started off by reaching out to industry websites and businesses to make BunnyToken a mainstream payment method for adult and now we are being approached by businesses who want to add BunnyToken to their websites. With our efforts it will become extremely easy and convenient for consumers to use Bunny for their adult purchases. We have already brought a large number of websites onboard and are adding new ones on a constant basis. By the time the platform is released we will already have a big base which will serve as a strong foundation for the future of the payment system.

Competing with major adult platforms

Nobody wants to compete with existing gigantic adult websites, some of which are valued at as much as 4 billion dollars. Luckily we are not competing with them. Every sector of this industry already has a leader, be it in webcamming, sex shops, dating apps or porn websites.

We aim to collaborate with all the websites, small and big. We do not view anybody as a competitor, it’s the exact opposite, our success and their success will merge to birth a revolution in payment methods for adult websites.

Competing with other adult related cryptos

We did a thorough competitor analysis when we were developing the BunnyToken project and assessed the overall crypto environment, specifically other coins and tokens aimed at the same industry. The market is rapidly evolving and new tokens are being released on a daily basis, however BunnyToken is the first project with the scope and features which we offer. We know the adult and blockchain industries better than anyone and we have already established ourselves as leaders in blockchain for adults.


When we created BunnyToken we focused on our market and its audience and how BunnyToken can fill the much needed gap. Does this mean we disregard our competitors? Not at all. We believe every cryptocurrency has its own place in the market and is focused on its own project and we know that BunnyToken has already started reshaping payments in the adult industry and this is only the beginning.

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