How to Buy BUNNY Tokens

A step by step guide for the biggest token sale of the year

Buying BUNNY tokens is a straightforward and simple process. Follow the steps below in the article and if you need any help contact our support through the website at any time.

First you have to register on the BunnyToken website. If you have already registered then simply login to your account.

To register enter your email address, create your password and tick the box to confirm you have read the full terms and conditions. As soon as you register you will gain instant access to your personal account on BunnyToken.

Your personal account is where you can buy and withdraw BUNNY tokens, track your history, test the MVP and use the BUNNY bounty program (more about the bounty in the end).

Buying tokens

You can buy tokens by sending funds from a wallet or directly from an exchange.

Choose whether you want to buy using Ethereum or Bitcoin by clicking on the relevant button. In this example we will buy with Ethereum

Here you will define the amount you want to invest and see how many BUNNY tokens you can buy with that amount. The payment address is the address you will send your investment to in order to purchase tokens. If you are using MyEtherWAllet or MetaMask you can make the transaction simply by clicking the relevant button.

If you are not using MyEtherWallet or Metamask, then go to your wallet, choose send, enter the amount you want to invest, and copy the payment address which you have on your BunnyToken personal page and paste it in the wallet’s recipient address field — in different wallets some names may be slightly different but will carry the same meaning.

The next step is to specify your Gas Limit and Gas price. The higher the gas price the faster the transaction will happen. If you don’t change the default gas price, Ethereum transactions are generally fast and not costly. When you accept the transfer the transaction will begin.

On your BunnyToken personal account you can now see the transaction you just made. Under the Confirmation column you can monitor the status. Once you have 6 confirmations the process is complete and you have made your purchase. You can see how many BUNNY tokens you now own.

Transferring tokens to your wallet

Once you own the tokens you can transfer them to your own crypto wallet to store them. In order to do that you have to withdraw your tokens from your BunnyToken personal account.

You can do that by clicking on the Withdraw button in the bottom box of the right bar.

Enter your Personal Ethereum wallet address and the amount of BUNNY tokens you want to withdraw and click Send.

Once again after 6 confirmations the transaction is completed. You can see it in your history, and the amount of BUNNY tokens on your balance will change.

Viewing tokens in your wallet

If this is the first time you withdraw BUNNY tokens to your wallet you will not be able to view them in your wallet immediately.

The transaction will have been completed and the tokens will have been sent to the blockchain, however in your wallet you must add tokens and enter the BunnyToken Smart Contract Address. It is specified on our website and registered in Ethereum Naming Service:

Smart Contract Address: 0x755eb14D2fefF2939EB3026f5CaD9D03775b9fF4

The Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision will be autofilled based on the token contract address. Your BUNNY tokens will now be visible in your wallet.

The BunnyToken Bounty

In your personal account you can find the BunnyToken referral link under the Bounty. You can copy paste this link to Facebook, Twitter, or any other website. Any registrations from that link will give you extra tokens which amount to 10% of the investment made by your referral.

If you need help at any point don’t hesitate to contact the BunnyToken team at any time.

View BunnyToken website.

Read BunnyToken whitepaper.

Try BunnyToken MVP

Register to buy Bunny tokens.