Meet Alex Eikster the Michael Jordan of the adult industry & BunnyToken’s Advisor

Business man, website owner, videographer & photographer

Alex Eikster is one of the biggest and most prominent names and has been called the Michael Jordan of the adult industry. BunnyToken is thrilled to have him as one of our advisors, he has been guiding us with his 18 years of experience in the industry as a website owner, businessman , photographer and videographer.

The BunnyToken Sale is Starting

Alex founded Venus Media Ltd on his own, turning it into a huge success. He also owns and runs one of the biggest websites for affiliates of adult websites, which gives him insight to a huge number of online websites that he works with through TakeBucks. He is well versed in business and website management and his experience offers BunnyToken a completely different perspective of the industry which sees high volumes of transactions.

His days as a cameraman had him working on set directly with actors and directors giving him first hand experience with everyday workers in the industry, combined with his knowledge of the business as an entrepreneur and website owner he has a rare full rounded understanding of the needs in the industry.

When he takes a break from running his businesses he spends time at industry events across the globe expanding his network and exploring new opportunities. His experience has granted him high respect from his peers and colleagues and he is frequently invited to advise on projects.

BunnyToken is honored to have his well recognized expertise onboard, and Alex has already helped us in shaping our platform. Alongside our other advisors like Kira Queen, he will continue to guide us until we deliver the final product.

You can follow Alex’s ventures and adventures on instagram.

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